Lingotot FranchiseeWhat is it like starting a new business in lockdown?

Amy Rowsell founded Lingotot South Staffordshire in March of 2020, just as schools across the country closed for the first time. Launching any business during a national lockdown will have its complications, however Amy not only established her successful business, but expanded it within the year.

Lingotot classes usually operate predominantly in schools, nurseries and communities across the UK, but with the first national lockdown came the closure of these sites. The Lingotot franchise reacted swiftly and moved online, but what was it like to join them and start a business whilst these changes were taking place? This is where Lingotot South Staffordshire’s foundation proves that adverse and unfamiliar circumstances do not always result in a lack of success.

From day one, Lingotot South Staffordshire was fully equipped and ready to go with online classes. Once some parents and schools had the pleasure of attending Amy’s classes, Lingotot South Staffordshire began to grow. The business has since flourished and most recently signed two new contracts with different schools. Because of the increased demand for their fabulous online classes, they have expanded their network and welcomed a new tutor, Aaron Worton.

Amy had this to say, “I am so excited to be welcoming Aaron to Lingotot South Staffordshire. We are really busy with classes and providing recorded lessons for schools during lockdown and it’s so exciting to be able to expand the team. The addition of Aaron also means we can offer even more classes and lessons in more languages. My mum is already excited about learning Italian and my 8 year old son, Charlie is much more impressed with Aaron speaking 3 languages than is with me!”

If you feel inspired by Amy’s story and want to start your own franchise business, you can find more information here.