Trustist Welcomes New Franchise Owners Onto Its Second Training Course

Held in central London, Trustist the disruptive online review aggregator and FINTECH franchisor, this week welcomed new franchisees Holly, Mal and Kam to the franchise with an intensive three days of initial training in central London.

Many of us dream of owning and running our own business, and enjoying the rewards and financial independence that come with it. Trustist franchisees serve an substantial market where the demand is enormous. There are over 5.5 Million SMEs in the UK and almost all without exception have a need for some or all of the services of Trustist.

The Trustist franchising process from pre-sales through to onboarding and training has been an absolutely brilliant experience. The professionalism and support from Nigel, Ellie and Chris has been super and very reassuring. I never felt alone or felt like I couldn’t be open and ask for the support required. I highly recommend them.

Kam A.

Trustist Franchise Owner

For the last ten years Trustist have changed the way that businesses (large and small) manage their review and online reputation, introducing new tools and technology to increase a clients SEO and manage the promotion of its customer engagement. More recently, TrustistTransfer and Trustist Ecommerce have begun to disrupt the payments sector using Open Banking to reduce by 90% client transaction fees and improve cash flow by securely taking payments from clients that are settled in real time.

Franchise owners are taught how to work with clients to ensure that their marketing is optimised, there online reputation protected and in payments optimiser their revenues and cash flow.

Participating in the training alongside Nigel the founder and CEO of Trustist were Operations Manager Ellie, Sales Manager Chris and Online Brand Manager Tom.

The Team – Nigel, Chris, Ellie & Tom – have been amazing and were very welcoming. Nothing has been too much trouble and we have been able to ask lots of questions about the product / services – which by the way…are amazing. In addition, we have been made to feel part of the team already and feel totally comfortable about reaching out for support in the future. The training has been really clear and we have left knowing what the next steps are and are very excited about the journey ahead. Thank you guys…a really productive, informative and enjoyable 3 days!

Holly B.

Trustist Franchise Owner

Trustist franchise owners have a genuine opportunity to earn over £100,000 in year one with little or no overhead which due to the recurring ongoing subscription revenue associated with the business model can see a franchisee with over £500,000 in ongoing passive income by year five of franchise ownership. This income continues for as long as the franchisee owns the business. With a 99% client retention level, there is opportunity to create a business that will genuinely last for a lifetime.

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