Fantastic Services Website

Fantastic Services launch their new franchise website. And it’s stunning!

More than a decade ago, they revolutionised the property maintenance industry by completely changing the way people book services for their homes and offices.

Today, they’re revolutionising once again leaving a significant mark in the franchising industry.

Fantastic Services introduces the new ultimate franchise website, giving everybody the chance to join the ever-growing market of cleaning and property maintenance services.

Welcome to the future of franchising!

The website features a dedicated page for each location in the UK that you may be interested to start a franchise in, including useful industry information and demographic insights for the available areas.

A place of opportunity for everyone.

The website contains all the opportunities our Fantastic Franchise offers. From cleaning franchise in Manchester to handyman franchise in Southampton, you can pick the franchise opportunity that suits you best.

A stunning and easy-to-navigate design.

The new JoinFantastic is extremely user-friendly and accessible to all audiences. With its sleek modern design and clear structure, the website allows every user to fully grasp the sheer size of the business and all its benefits.

It features in-depth information about the types of franchise they offer and the whole business model that Fantastic Services has. The website is not just eye-pleasing but it clarifies any lingering questions that pop up in the visitor’s mind.

Who said beauty and brains can’t live together?

They made sure to include the real faces of their franchisees on every page, instead of using stock photos and paid models. The website showcases the positivity of the franchise partners, as well as many reviews and testimonials from franchisees.

The website really makes you drain in the franchise industry and it can help every person who wants to join a franchise or need to choose a location for their venture.

“We know that people are busy and research different websites and directories when it comes to starting a business. We don’t want to lose anyone’s time. That’s why we created a simple contact form which helps users to get in touch with us in less than 20 seconds” said Rune Sovndahl, co-founder of Fantastic Services.

“The whole JoinFantastic is a portrayal of who we are and what we believe in. We’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into it. Today is our big day! Enjoy our”.

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