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Now is the perfect time to invest in a fitness franchise

The UK has been hit especially hard by the Coronavirus. With well over 40,000 deaths recorded so far, we are the worst affected country in Europe by far. While there are many factors in play, it seems increasingly likely that our high death rates are due in part to obesity. Two thirds of British adults are overweight, and 1 in 4 is classed as obese. Research suggests that obesity increases a person’s risk of dying from COVID-19 by as much as 50%.

Tackling obesity

After his own brush with the virus landed him in intensive care, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the crisis “a wake up call” and announced a new government strategy to tackle obesity. As well as banning junk food ads before 9 pm and introducing calorie labelling in restaurants, the new strategy will allow GPs to prescribe exercise to overweight patients.

This could be good news for gyms, who have had a tough few months since they were forced to close their doors in March. Once they reopen, gyms and other fitness businesses should expect an influx of new customers. Some will have been told to exercise by their doctors, while others will simply be keen to get back into shape after the lockdown. This provides a golden opportunity for investors. Now is the perfect time to invest in a fitness or gym franchise and there are plenty to choose from. Here are a couple of the best for you to consider.

Bodystreet Franchise

Hailing from Germany, Bodystreet is an innovative new fitness method that can achieve impressive results in next to no time. Unlike many of its competitors, Bodystreet operates in small intimate spaces, often on a one on one basis. This makes it a perfect way to exercise in a post-lockdown world where large gatherings are discouraged.

Bodystreet instructors work closely with customers to offer a tailor-made fitness experience. Using the latest in EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology, as well as traditional personal training techniques, Bodystreet can improve fitness and muscle tone with just one 20 minute session a week.

Combining EMS technology with a traditional workout is the key to this efficiency. EMS stimulates the muscles in the same way as exercise, but on a much larger scale. While each movement in a normal exercise routine would cause the muscle to contract once, the same movement with an EMS device fitted will cause it to contract 85 times.

A Bodystreet franchise is a great way to get into the fitness market with a relatively low investment. Bodystreet has a proven track record across Europe, with over 400,000 customers spread across 300 studios. The company is keen to expand into the UK, so now is the perfect time to get involved. For an estimated investment of £60,000, you will receive all the equipment and training you need to get your studio up and running. Support and further training will be ongoing, and you will gain access to new fitness regimes as they are introduced. Best of all, you can expect to have your business up and running within 12 weeks, ready to make the most of the coming fitness boom. Find Out More…

HITIO Franchise

The traditional gym market may be somewhat saturated, but there is plenty of room for innovative approaches to fitness. HITIO offers something a bit different by combining traditional workouts with combat sports training.

Originating in Portugal, HITIO recently opened its first UK gym in Hoxton Park, London, and the company has big plans to expand across the UK. Taking a uniquely fun approach to fitness, it is likely to prove especially popular with families and children. HITIO allows families to train together, creating an ideal opportunity for parents to bond with their children whilst getting in shape.

HITIO is suitable for anyone over the age of 5, and so it has access to a large customer base. Its profitable model means that it needs relatively few members on its books to make money. For an investment of as little as £80,000, you will receive comprehensive training, full access to webinars and other online resources, extensive support in finding a site for your gym, and a complete marketing package tailored to your region. HITIO has over 30 years of experience in the field, all of which you will have access to as a franchisee.

In recent years there has been a big increase in combat sports as part of mainstream fitness. With many people keen to get back into shape after the lockdown, and thousands of families looking for fun activities once things return to normal, HITIO is the perfect franchise opportunity for 2020. Find out more…

There are many other great UK health and fitness franchises to choose from. Why not take a look at our fitness franchises directory, or get in touch with us directly for a recommendation below?

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