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Tutoring Franchises

With GCSE's and exams getting tougher each year many students may find on the build up to an exam or project that they are really struggling. This is why the need for private tuition has gone up rapidly in the previous years, Since every year the curriculum is getting tougher for those students to achieve the grades and succeed. So today we will list some statistics for anyone looking to buy a tutoring franchise in the UK to show the market potential.

Statistics around the tuition industry in the UK.

Now we will list some statistics collected around the whole tutoring sector in the UK. Hopefully these stats will help anyone looking in to buying a tutoring franchise to give them a little heads up on the market and demand in the UK for such services.

Did you know?

  • Over the last decade the demand for private tuition in the UK has increased by 30%
  • Only 34% of students in 2005 had private or home tuition, but in 2016 that number grew to 44% of students needing extra help.
  • Students took a survey in 2010 and 52% of students said the only reason they needed extra tuition was to prepare for a exam.
  • In 2016 it was calculated that 1 in 4 children receive extra tuition in the UK.
  • 43% of teachers in the UK have given private lessons in some point of their careers.

What do these statistics show for the tuition industry in the UK?

Overall these stats show that the tuition industry in the UK is rapidly growing and is on high demand in the UK for students particularly around the exam season. Mainly these statistics show the huge customer base you will have access to when you buy a tutoring franchise in the UK.

How expensive are tuition franchises in the UK?

Normally when people ask this question they are referring to the franchise fee. Which is the first process when buying a franchise you pay a set fee for the premises or resources you are offered when buying the franchise. This is a difficult question but most tuition franchises in the UK range from £10k to £30k franchise startup fee.

What types of tutoring franchises are available in the UK.

When you think of a tuition franchise you may just think of a classroom or child working on something academic. But this is not true, since there are many different types of children tuition franchises in the UK that vary from children sporting club franchises to language franchises. So overall it all depends on which one you think would be best for you. Because buying a franchise is a big deal and you want it to be something you are very passionate around to truly love your job.

Good luck to everyone with your franchising adventures.

Lastly I would like to wish everyone good luck on buying the franchise they would want to in the tuition industry. Also I hope you have learned more around the tuition industry in the UK and the amazing customer base the UK offers to anyone running a tutoring business. Also if you are not sure if a tuition franchise is for you but you have a career background of working with children, I would highly recommend you to have a browse through our children franchises category if that is a opportunity you would like to pursue.