Home improvement franchises

Home improvement franchises

DIY is almost a national obsession in the UK. Every weekend thousands of men and women roll up their sleeves, open up the tool kit and try to make their homes more beautiful. As a result of the country’s enthusiasm for DIY, home improvement is a lucrative industry to be involved in. From specialist gardening services to cleaners and companies that offer complete home renovation services, home improvement franchises come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

What types of home improvement franchises are available?

The home improvement industry covers a huge swathe of professions and services. Many of the opportunities available are franchises that offer specific types of cleaning services. Generally, these franchises clean things around the house that are difficult to do yourself, like curtains, ovens and driveways, however some offer all-round cleaning services. Other franchises help homeowners to improve the look and functionality of their properties. These businesses offer everything from lawn maintenance to loft ladder installation and kitchen and bathroom makeovers to drain cleaning.

The franchises that are available in the home improvement industry vary significantly in size and scope. At one end of the scale you have franchises that are aimed at independent professionals looking to expand their customer base, and at the other you have businesses that are designed to employ a number of highly trained staff.

In general, home improvement franchises are mobile businesses that travel to clients’ homes in order to carry out work. Though some may have an office that they use as a base, most of the time the professionals carrying out the work will be out and about. This type of work appeals to a lot of people, especially those who like to be free from one particular work location. However, it’s important to remember that this means you’ll need to invest in company vehicles as well as other specialist equipment if you decide to open a franchise.

Who could run a home improvement franchise?

As the category is so broad and varied, it attracts investors and entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds. Many of the people who choose to open a home improvement franchise have experience working in the industry themselves. Plumbers, cleaners, engineers, window installers, repairmen and property experts are all drawn to the area as it allows them to use their expertise and increase their earning potential at the same time.

In fact, a lot of the time expertise in the area is essential for franchisees as they’ll need to draw on their experience when training for their new role and recruiting staff to work in their enterprise. If you’re planning on taking on most of the work yourself, it’s even more important you have the skills required to tackle the jobs that come along and complete all work to the highest standard.

As well as technical skills and experience, it’s also beneficial if you have an in-depth understanding of the industry as this will help you to target your products and services and compete with other businesses. Experience in marketing is also an advantage, though in general the franchise you invest in will provide you with everything you need to get going.

What qualifications are needed to run a home improvement franchise?

The qualifications required to run a home improvement franchise will vary according to the type of franchise you choose to invest in. If you’re going to be offering specialist plumbing services, installing electrical equipment or renovating properties, you’ll probably need to complete relevant professional training before you invest in your franchise. However, if you’re planning on running a cleaning franchise, a removal and storage franchise or a design franchise, qualifications will be less important.

If you don’t have the qualifications required to work in your chosen area, you could consider staying on the business side of things and employing tradesmen to do the work for you. This will allow you to get your business off the ground and will give you the time you need to focus on getting your company’s name out here and building your customer base.

Finding the right home improvement opportunity for you

As the home improvement industry is growing quickly, there are a great variety of franchise opportunities available across the sector. In order to find the franchise that’s right for you, you’ll need to look at the investment requirements of the franchise, the exact nature of the work required and the business’s potential. If you already have experience or qualifications in a certain area, you’ll probably have an idea of the type of franchise you want to invest in. If you have a broad skill set or plan to employ professionals to carry out the work while you focus on running the businesses, you’ll need to take an in-depth look at the viability and potential of each franchise you’re considering.

Benefits of a home improvement franchises

There are a number of benefits in investing in a home improvement franchise, and one of the biggest is that you’re unlikely to ever run out of work. People are constantly in need of cleaning, repairs, installations and maintenance services, so once you’ve built up a client base you’re likely to have repeat customers who’ll use your business again and again. Home improvement is also a very lucrative industry to be involved in. If there’s one thing people are going to spend money on, it’s their homes, so it’s often easier to find customers who are willing to invest in your products and services.

A lot of the people who choose to work in the home improvement industry also appreciate the opportunity it offers to get out and about. Most professionals working in the industry are out all day working in clients’ houses and so enjoy a very varied work life. In some cases, you won’t even need an office to work from, making home improvement franchises an affordable option for many investors.

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