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Why you should consider buying a home improvement franchise

Home improvement franchises – we all love DIY Although bank holidays and weekends used to be spent carrying out huge amounts of DIY, minor refurbishments and even some fairly major projects, the general public’s taste for this has faded in recent years. Rather than ‘do it yourself’, the preferred method is to pay someone to do the work for you.Which is why home improvement franchises are a potentially good idea if you’re looking for something that can boost your income [...]

Nathan Crombie & Wai Lam – Prokil Brighton

Can you tell us a little about your working background?Myself (Nathan Crombie) and Wai both come from retail industry back grounds and have previously been retail store managers for ten years plus.  Wai was a store manager for Curry’s, Argos, Iceland and a Department head of World Duty Free at Gatwick Airport.  I have been store manager for Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Superdrug and first assistance at McDonald’s.Why were you looking at self-employment?After many years of being managers and following the [...]

Home improvement franchises review

Home Improvements Franchises DIY is almost a national obsession in the UK. Every weekend thousands of men and women roll up their sleeves, open up the tool kit and try to make their homes more beautiful. As a result of the country’s enthusiasm for DIY, home improvement is a lucrative industry to be involved in. From specialist gardening services to cleaners and companies that offer complete home renovation services, home improvement franchises come in a wide variety of shapes and [...]

Home Improvement Franchises – Franchise UK Review

Home improvement franchises review Getting home improvement franchises is a way of building business bonds with already existing companies giving out services related to home improvement. To explain it in simpler terms, the company gives you approval to use their company’s logo and name in every transaction with your clients. It can be a way to help people who want to enter the franchising business without going through much hassle in building their own brand.Some of the home improvement franchises [...]

Home improvement franchises

Turn Repairs and Home Improvements Into Your Own Business The Easy Way With property sales reported to have risen by 14% in 2014, it’s time for other industries that have long been dormant to start coming back to life—namely, the arena of home improvements and repairs, so it is no surprise that home improvement franchises are a growing business option. Although many people have been slow to start spending money fixing up their homes after the financial crisis, The Financial [...]

Sales Not So Flat For Roof Franchise

The Flat Roof Company installs roof number 25,000.Innovative roofing specialist The Flat Roof Company is celebrating its 21st anniversary, as well as the recent installation of its 25,000th roof.Since its inception in 1985, the company has grown steadily, and after franchising its operations in 1991 now has more than 20 franchisees nationwide. The secret to the Flat Roof Company's competitive advantage is its unique approach to the well-known problems of a flat roof. The company's innovative roofing process, which [...]

Doors Open For Interiors Franchise

Home Staging and "Staging to Live" trends "Open Doors" for interior door replacement franchise.Interior Door Replacement Company announces strategic alliance with International Association of Home Staging Professionals. In a savvy move that taps into the distribution channels and networks of the fast-growing home staging industry, the Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC) announced it has officially aligned itself with the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).The home staging industry continues to grow fast with thousands of home stagers now [...]

DIY Franchise Deal Hammered Out

DoItYourself.com and Venda, Inc. jointly announced today that DoItYourself.com, the leading independent home improvement website, has re-launched its site using Venda, the leading global provider of on-demand eCommerce solutions. The premier destination for home improvement professionals and enthusiasts, DoItYourself.com will leverage Venda's online merchandising and marketing capabilities and advanced search and personalization tools to achieve improved customer experience and increased sales.Providing comprehensive and unbiased home improvement information since 1995, DoItYourself.com (www.DoItYourself.com) has more than 2,000,000 unique visitors and more [...]