Famous for its French hot waxing using special premium wax imported from France, Cannelle is focused on bringing the French beauty experience to the UK. Cannelle, a collection of beauty salons in Oxfordshire, is being launched as a franchise in across the UK.

France Baudet, Owner of Cannelle, explains: “My mother never wanted me to shave so she sent me to the beauty salon from when I was 16 and this is common in France. In France beauty is taken very seriously and it is just a part of normal life for women and growingly for men. Like in other parts of Europe it is not unusual for a man to come into at beauty salon for a manicure and it is not viewed in an effeminate way in the slightest.

“There are many more salons in France, but they do less manicures and pedicures than in the UK because I believe French ladies do it themselves. French ladies are also more demanding, so the competition between salons is very fierce.”

Baudet has very strong links with beauty schools in France because she says: “In France you have to study for much longer to train as a beautician and have to learn in depth about physiology, chemistry and business. You finish with a very comprehensive and in depth diploma and a lot of hands on experience. In France being a beautician is a very reputable profession.”

Cannelle’s salons have seen a steady and impressive increase in turnover over the last 10 years and both have firmly established clientele who return on average two to three times a month. Over 1,000 customers pass through the Cannelle salons every month of which on average 250 are new clients.

Baudet continues: “The recession has of course had an effect on the beauty industry but at Cannelle we have discovered what it takes to grow a bigger and better business and the personal service our clients receive means they continue to come. We have also found coming to the salon has been even more important in the recession when stress levels have been that much higher. Despite the recession we have decided to expand the business through franchising as Cannelle is committed to providing an excellent opportunity to grow and develop successful businesses offering high standards of service and quality to customers.”

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