YO! Sushi Kiosks Franchise

£10,000 Minimum Investment

Franchise Description :

Join our strong kiosks team and pioneer the new concept, bringing restaurant quality sushi and sensational street food to a Tesco or Asda supermarket near you.

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:No

Work together, win together when you join the YO! sushi kiosk franchise network.


You can choose to be a single kiosk owner/operator OR you can invest in multiple kiosk locations, it’s entirely up to you!


Founded in 1997 YO! sushi kiosks were, inspired by Japanese street food and the trend for “kaiten” sushi, or conveyor belt sushi, where freshly prepared sushi dishes were passed around on a belt, allowing diners to select their own dishes.

The first YO! sushi restaurant was established in London, making an impact on the novel way of serving food, as well as popularising Japanese cuisine.

The brand has now expanded across the globe, with over 70 restaurants across 10 countries, and has a distinctive and recognisable brand identity, that combines Japanese youth culture, bright, colourful designs, and fresh tasting dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine.

In 2017, YO! merged with Snowfox and Bento, who hold the #2 market position in the US, and #1 in Canada, respectively.


YO! sushi kiosk franchise. 

YO! are already the UK’s number 1 sushi brand with 53 famous high street restaurants, but they are constantly looking for new ways to reach their customers, so they created YO! sushi retail kiosks. 

The YO! Kiosks serve restaurant quality Sushi and Japanese street food inside Tesco stores across the UK. 



For anyone keen to start a high impact and ambitious business in the food and drink industry, owning one or more YO! sushi kiosk franchises with could be an exciting new opportunity.

There are 341 YO! kiosks in Tesco stores across mainland UK currently, and the Snowfox Group has plans to open up at least 19 more locations in 2024 which they will also be franchising.

Join the strong kiosks team and pioneer the new YO! kiosk concept, bringing restaurant quality sushi and sensational street food to a supermarket near you. 


Your customers



In 2023, Tesco’s UK market share was 27.3%, which means over 25% of all people who regularly visit a supermarket (which is everyone!) walk past a YO! sushi kiosk every time they go shopping. A great number stop and buy the YO! products, a number which is growing all the time. A typical supermarket sees an average of 4,000 customers per day so, in any given area, that is 10s of thousands of potential customers every week. 


An Established Brand & Business…

Most new businesses, even ones backed by a proven franchise model like YO! , can take months, or even years, to build their reputation and start seeing a return on their investment. Not so with a YO! sushi kiosk franchise! You’ll be able to take on the existing customer base right from day one and enjoy an immediate revenue stream, as well as plenty of potential for growth.

With a YO! kiosk franchise, you won’t need to start up, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to build up! 



The Opportunity:

This is a pre-packaged, ready-to-serve business opportunity which offers you:

A tried and tested concept with proven revenue

A huge pool of already loyal & happy customers

Guaranteed business from day one

Excellent growth potential

No outfitting costs, no equipment fees, no expensive leases

Low start-up fees with fantastic earning potential

Exceptional training & support from the best in the industry


The Training

You’ll also receive a comprehensive training programme designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to make your new business a success.

The training takes place over the course of 2 to 3 weeks (depending on your experience) well in advance of you taking on your new kiosk. You’ll also have one-week academy training from the very best in our organisation, followed by one to two-weeks of practical training in a kiosk near to your location.



The Investment

The cost of investing in a YO! sushi kiosk in Tesco, is obviously variable depending on the current sales of that kiosk. YO! will discuss the exact cost with you when you contact them about the location you have in mind, but you can expect to pay from:

£20,000 plus VAT for a kiosk turning over up to £3,000 per week 

£25,000 plus VAT for a kiosk turning over between £3,000 and £4,000 per week.

£30,000 plus VAT for a kiosk turning over between £4,000 and £5,000 per week.

There are some established kiosks achieving a turnover of more than £5,000 per week and they will be priced accordingly; all the brand-new openings are £35,000 exc VAT

As an established, ongoing concern, your kiosk will not require any further costs. No investment is necessary to lease and outfit your premises, or to buy equipment. Everything is already there, just waiting for you.


What locations are available?

There are hundreds of YO! sushi kiosks and, sister brand, Panku street food kiosks located in Tesco & Asda supermarkets up and down the country all of which are being franchised, so there is bound to be several operating in and around your home town, or just a short distance away.

If you’re interested in taking on one or more, contact us now and we’ll let you know what options are still available in your local area.

With a high-profile brand like ours, and this being an exceptional opportunity to take on a high-profile business which is already making money, the kiosks will be snapped up quickly, so don’t wait if you want to get in on the action!

Get the ball rolling today by reserving your local kiosk with us OR you can check the immediately available established & NEW YO! sushi kiosk locations HERE and the immediate availability of the Panku street food kiosks HERE (Panku have been offering an authentic taste of Japanese, Thai and Korean food since 2019 and are located in Asda stores).


Who are the YO! sushi kiosk franchise looking for?

YO! are looking for franchisees who will either, act as single kiosk owner/operators themselves, or who would like to own and operate multiple kiosk locations; they need people with the energy and passion that comes from a direct personal investment in the brand to really shine through to our customers. 

Their existing franchisees come from a huge range of backgrounds, and YO! embrace people from all walks of life. You certainly don’t have to have any experience in retail, or the food & beverage industry, although a background in the food and drink industry will be a bonus; suitable franchisees without this background can still receive the relevant training to help them develop the skills needed. Potential franchise owners should also have a strong interest in Japanese cuisine.

Previous management and leadership experience, and the ability to demonstrate strong business acumen, and the skills required to lead and motivate a busy team are also seen as desirable attributes.  


Your Next Steps

If you like what you have seen so far and are considering joining the YO! sushi kiosk franchise network no doubt you’ll want to be sure you fully understand what is involved and how it can benefit you, so just get in touch with us, at any time, to learn more. The team looks forward to talking to you about what YO! do, and how they can help you to build your own successful and rewarding business.

Check the immediately available established & NEW YO! sushi kiosk locations HERE and the immediate availability of the Panku street food kiosks HERE

(Panku street food kiosks & YO! sushi kiosks are both part of the Snowfox Group of companies)