Global tourism in 2024 is back to pre-covid days and with demand from British holidaymakers skyrocketing – now is the perfect time to join 



Tourism is back and holidays are once again a firm fixture on household agendas.

The latest figures from the UN Tourism’s World Tourism Barometer report released in May 2024, show that 2024 is witnessing a full and total recovery in international travel – surpassing 2019 levels by 2%. 

Spain remains the number one choice for UK holidaymakers and it is the Brits that are leading the country’s Covid bounce back. In April 2024 alone some 1.5 million Brits flocked to its shores – that’s 8.5% higher compared with April 2023.

According to YouGov’s UK Travel Trends 2024 report, Italy is the second most popular choice among British holidaymakers with Greece in third place.

Further afield, according to the UN Tourism report, the Caribbean is increasingly enticing holidaymakers to its golden sands. The island of Curaçao for example has seen a 45% boost in visitors in the first three months of this year compared to those pre-pandemic days. 

And it seems that we’re increasingly on the hunt for adventure. Tanzania for example reported a 53% increase in tourists in the first quarter of 2024 compared with the first three months of 2019. 

So, it would seem that our desire to travel has never been greater with YouGov revealing that 57% of Brits anticipate taking between two to four trips a year.

And, as the economy shows signs of bouncing back, we’re prepared to spend more on our holidays too. 

According to NatWest’s Retail and Leisure Outlook Report 2024, some 17.3% of UK consumers plan to spend more on holidays this year compared with last year. Even among those expecting their finances to weaken in 2024, a third (33.5%) plan to increase holiday spending.

Not Just Travel agents are certainly feeling the surge in demand reporting record sales every month.

Consultant Ami Woods secured £270,000 worth of holidays in April 2024 alone. In the two years since launching her company with The Travel Franchise, her bookings have totalled more than £3 million. Likewise, Becky Westaway, who launched her travel business in December 2021, has booked well over £1 million, plus, she’s opened her own office and taken on a member of staff to be able to keep up with the demand. 

With the average price of a holiday on the up, big bookings are not unusual. In May 2024, numerous Not Just Travel agents secured single bookings well over £50k.

Clearly holidaymakers are sparing no expense. Confidence to travel is sky high and customers are increasingly keen to work through their bucket list of dream destinations.

UK holidaymakers rightfully want these once-in-a-lifetime trips to be out of this world and hence more are enlisting the help of a travel agent – someone who can help them choose the best destinations, the ideal hotels, the most convenient flights, the most efficient transfers and then be there behind the scenes to make sure it all goes to plan. 

As Not Just Travel’s spokesperson, Eamonn Holmes OBE, the broadcaster says: “If I want something done I get someone with expertise in that field to do it and travel is no different. I would never think of booking my holiday independently. I pick up the phone and talk to a travel consultant who I know and trust, and who can add a layer of value and security to help navigate any uncertainties, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.”

Latest statistics from IBS Software prove that this attitude is becoming the norm. According to its research, 47% of people now prefer to book their travel via a travel agent. 

And it’s the younger generation of holidaymakers – the millennials and Gen Z population – who are leading this march. Some 38% of millennials and Gen Z are opting to use traditional travel agents, as opposed to booking digitally.

“Demand for travel and for travel agents is on an all-time high,” says The Travel Franchise co-founder Paul Harrison. 

“As the UK’s number one home working travel agency for people new to travel and rated the 10th best franchise in Great Britain, The Travel Franchise is the perfect choice for anyone who has a passion for travel and customer service. The future is bright and with the UK forecasting a summer of rain, business is only going to continue this upward trajectory.”

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