Difference Between A Single-Unit And Multi-Unit Franchise

Benefits of running a multi-unit franchise

If your franchise operation is running successfully and you’re looking to expand your business, consider running a multi-unit franchise to optimise your ROI. While the workload is going to be harder, the rewards will make it all worth it. Let’s look at a few benefits to running a multi-unit franchise.

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Increased profits

As expected, running multiple franchise units in different locations will increase sales and multiply your profits as a franchisee. The risk of running multiple franchise units is greater, as you’re now juggling two businesses at once, but as the old saying goes, the greater the risk, the greater the reward! Another benefit is that if sales in one location are falling for whatever reason, there’s a chance that sales will be increasing in the other location, so you’re not reliant on one source of income.

Bulk buying products

Buying products in bulk, whether it’s ingredients for a food franchise or cleaning supplies for a cleaning franchise, is going to work out cheaper than buying a small number of products for one unit. Ordering more products to save money might seem counter-intuitive but many vendors will offer discounts for customers who make larger purchases.

Sharing the workload

Investing in multi-unit franchises gives you the opportunity to expand your workforce and distribute the workload to managers and employees working both full-time and part-time. This way, some of the weight is lifted off your shoulders so you can focus on other tasks, ensuring that your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Attracting franchisors

As a multi-unit franchisee, you will stand out amongst other franchisees as franchisors will be looking for franchisees that are the most likely to expand their business. Like any business owner, a franchisor will be looking to save time wherever possible, so you could be the answer to their prayers.

If you’re considering expanding your business by becoming a multi-unit franchisee, browse our directory at Franchise UK, or get in touch with us for expert advice.

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