Revealed: The UK’s most unlucky car colour 2019

According to the latest data from automotive paintwork repairer, ChipsAway, black cars suffered the most minor damage in 2019, accounting for 20.6% of all repairs completed by their specialists nationwide. This was closely followed by grey and blue.

You might be thinking that there are simply more black cars on the road, meaning that naturally, there are more of them to suffer scratches and dents. However, according to the latest SMMT car registration data, the most popular car colour of 2019 was grey, for the second year in a row.
Further down the list are white, silver and red cars, which could well show that these colours stand out better on the road and therefore manage to avoid bumps and scrapes more easily!

When conducting their research, ChipsAway also found that BMW’s were the most repaired car type of 2019, with Fords and Volkswagens following closely behind. So, obviously BMW, Ford and Volkswagen owners like to keep their cars looking pristine and ensure any minor damage is quickly and professionally repaired, but perhaps they might also be a little more accident-prone?

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