Chelmsford Screen Rescue Franchisee10 minutes with… Screen Rescue Chelmsford business manager, Jaime Junior Hilario

When and why did you take on Screen Rescue Chelmsford?

I’d been a sous chef for 10 years, and wanted a new challenge working normal daytime hours. I joined the family business in 2017 to look after and develop the Chelmsford territory. 

Screen Rescue Chelmsford is now an established territory, describe some of the dynamics in your day. 

Every day is different! I juggle my regular Fleet Inspections with urgent repair calls from vehicles with challenging windscreen damages, to handling scratch removals or tricky polishing jobs – it’s full on!

What do you love best about your role?

I’ve built a fantastic rapport with my clients and it’s great to save them money. Best of all is helping them out on an urgent job; you feel part of their team – it’s very rewarding!

How have you found the technical training?

The training is thorough. You learn how glass behaves under pressure and in extreme heats and you carry out all the repair processes too – this is when you understand why our equipment is so advanced, compared to others. 

What assistance do the Franchise Central Support Team provide?

Behind scenes, the girls manage various areas of the business so we can focus on our clients. We don’t need to worry about chasing invoices or checking credit limits or sending TOBs – it’s like having your own PA!

How has Screen Rescue performed coming out of Lockdown?

We are busier than ever! Clients want to save money where they can, and because our repair solutions reduce their windscreen and glass replacement costs, it’s a ‘win, win’ situation.  They make significant savings and I’m run ragged!

What is the worst thing about your role?

The cold winters can be harsh – they make you appreciate the warmer days! The extreme summer heat and sub-zero temperatures can affect how the glass reacts, so the training you get is very useful.

Tell us the short-term and long-term plans for your business?

I’m proud I’m doing extremely well. Before Covid19 I was maintaining an annual turnover of £60k. Now, I’m growing the business further and will soon take on an apprentice technician – my goal is to reach the £75k benchmark first.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a Screen Rescue franchise?

This is an exciting franchise with great support and training and a brilliant bank approved recurring revenues business model. If you’re prepared to work hard and follow the model, I’d say ‘go for it’!

If you would like to find out more about a franchise business with Screen Rescue, learn more at Franchise UK.