Why the pandemic shouldn’t stop you from starting a franchise

It may seem mad starting a business at the current time, but if you choose the right business and have a solid plan, you could do very well. Franchising is a great way to open your own business without all the traditional pitfalls. Franchise UK has many different franchise options available and there are plenty of businesses that could still turn a major profit, even during the pandemic. We can also help with franchise resales, explain the benefits of franchising your existing business, help you look through the global franchise directory and smooth any franchise agreement you might decide to make.

Not on your own

If you start your own business from the ground up, success depends on you, and you alone. You may have a colleague to consult with, friends to talk over your issues and contractors to perform tasks you cannot, but you need to make all the major decisions without anyone to guide you. In the current climate, this can create even more stress than usual, and make starting a new business even more challenging. A franchise provider and other franchisees can provide you with valuable information and advice on things like how to franchise, getting a master licence and many more topics.

Established names are already trusted

A problem with opening a new business during a pandemic is that it takes time to build up customer trust, and as there is less footfall in city centres and people are interacting less, this can be difficult, especially for a tiny local business. The advantages a franchise brings are an established name and brand your customers will have already heard of. This also saves you some money on marketing, although you should still promote your business at every chance you get.

Time to reconsider

During the pandemic, you may have lost your job or been placed on furlough. Chances are, you’ll have had more time to think than usual about what you want to do with your life. We are rarely ever afforded time to do this, so take advantage of it and decide what you want to do next. If you are unhappy where you work, if you are still working, or you no longer have a job, now is the time to take action. There are so many different franchises available that you will definitely be able to find something that you love. Now is a great time to think about your skillset and what you would be good at. Whether you want a white-collar franchise or a van-based franchise, we have you covered.

More premises available

A sad consequence of the coronavirus pandemic has been the demise of many well-loved high streets and local businesses. While this is tragic for everyone involved, units lying empty isn’t going to jump-start the economy, so if you have a business idea and are considering opening a franchise, this is the perfect moment to take on a new location. You are also in a good position to negotiate a good rate as landlords will want to fill their shops. Pet franchises, plumbing franchises, computer franchises and many more need shopfronts, so keep your eyes peeled for a great deal.

Choose your franchise carefully

While there are many benefits to opening a franchise in the current circumstances, it is still a tough time for businesses, even ones with established names. This doesn’t mean you should delay opening your franchise, but realistically, you need to choose carefully to maximise your business opportunities while taking into account the pandemic. A good bet is a franchise offering a service that is needed constantly, even through disasters and economic downturns. Cleaners will always be needed, even more so at a time like this, so a cleaning franchise could be an extremely wise investment right now. There has been a rise in the number of pets bought over the past few months too, so a franchise that deals with pet-based services like dog walking franchises and grooming could pull in the pounds.

Discuss your future with us today

Franchise UK has many different types of franchise available and can offer advice on how to franchise your existing business. A pandemic is a risky time to start a new venture, but if you heed the above advice, you could be raking in cash before long. Browse our website for different opportunities, like accounting franchises, home-based franchises, master franchises and many more franchise opportunities. Our franchise directory covers a wealth of options, so no matter what your skill set is, you’re bound to find a franchise for you.

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