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Is 2021 the best time to invest in a food franchise for sale?

What a turbulent time the hospitality industry has faced, with winners & losers along the way. One thing is for sure, food franchises are booming, and people are keen to get back to a “new normal” and start enjoying meals with their friends and family in their favourite franchised & independent restaurants.

The demand is rising.

Food franchises are always in demand in 2021. When asked to name a franchised business, most of us will automatically reply with one of the big names synonymous with franchised food. There are a plethora of tasty options when it comes to investing in a food franchise, with pros & cons to consider, where best to invest your cash.

Saturday night is the takeaway night for many UK families for a tasty meal to enjoy at home as a treat. According to Statista, the amount of cash spent on takeaway meals is rising year on year, with 10.9bn GBP spent by Brits in 2020. Takeaways are a convenient treat to be enjoyed anytime; many smaller dark kitchens offer great discounts on menu prices at quieter periods. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to order food when you want it. App food deliveries are a trendy choice for the fastest way to order the takeaway foods you are craving.

Dark kitchen franchises have been on the rise have performed well during the pandemic, with no reason for the dark kitchen success story not to continue in the “new normal.” For example, these franchises operate online, by phone, or on App to generate food orders. The pros include no need to hire waiting staff & the cost implications associated with operating a restaurant. Dark kitchens are one of the winners and have performed consistently well during the pandemic; however, businesses are reliant on delivery partners to operate efficiently.

The rise in the number of dark kitchens providing fast food on App has flourished, supplying regular business to their delivery partners. Food courier services are working harder than ever to get the meals to consumers delivered safely & efficiently while adhering to social distancing and strict COVID protocols as instructed by Franchisors on advice from Government.

Food delivery franchises are growing rapidly.

Perhaps you would rather be the “middleman” and invest in a franchise that takes & tracks orders via an App and is essentially an efficient food courier service. No cooking skills necessary with this franchise type. These apps are straightforward to use once downloaded onto a customer’s smartphone or tablet benefits from customer loyalty & repeat business. Once the App is installed becomes the go-to for the hungry consumer. An example of a franchise that specialises in local food delivery is local eats.

Finally, patrons can now enjoy a meal or snack inside a pub or restaurant with friends and family members, if you can get a reservation, that is!

People are keen to get back to the dining experience of their favourite restaurants. The pandemic has put a strain on the hospitality industry, especially outlets that specialise and only offer indoor dining experiences. Customers have missed the dining out. Many diners choose a franchise restaurant, as you can be confident the food will be of a consistent standard whether in the city or by the sea, your menu favorites will look appealing and taste the same.

While the takeaway business for franchise restaurants has thrived during the pandemic, many people enjoy a blend of restaurant dining & takeaway deliveries. Many eating habits have changed, and restaurants that specialise in healthy eating continue to thrive and give consumers a choice. A popular franchise as an example of this is You Me Sushi.

Food franchises are a popular option.

Whatever food franchise you decide to invest in, you will be sure you are in great company. Food franchises are amongst the most popular in the franchising sector. These types of franchises are in demand and range widely in levels of investment.

To find out more about food franchises currently recruiting in the UK, browse our franchise directory for the latest and most exciting food franchises for sale.

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