Measuring franchisee satisfaction with surveys and workshops

A franchise network’s success is predominantly dependent upon the franchisor and the franchisee. Franchisors, especially those running new franchises UK, need to effectively sell their brand not just to customers, but to franchisees as well.

How To Measure Franchisee Satisfaction

In order to keep franchisees motivated and the franchise running smoothly, it is important that they are highly satisfied with their working conditions. Here are a few ways to measure franchisee satisfaction.

The Importance of Franchisee Satisfaction

Satisfaction of a franchisee can be gauged by whether their expectations of owning the franchise were exceeded or at least met. The whole franchise network can be disrupted if there are persistent issues present that are not being resolved within the franchises.

Measuring franchisee satisfaction is especially important in food franchises UK, coffee franchises and van-based franchises as they usually have a lot at stake and are the most demanding. Measuring satisfaction can help in identifying where improvements can be made.

How To Measure Franchisee Satisfaction

The most important way a franchisor can measure franchisee satisfaction is through effective communication and checking in. Franchisee satisfaction can be measured through the following ways:

Conducting Franchisee Workshops and Focus Groups

The franchisor can learn more about what the franchisee’s expectations are. Moreover, they can also find out what will help them feel more satisfied in their position.

Through workshops, you can understand the franchisee’s motives and loyalty. You can even find out what problems franchisees are facing and whether or not you are effectually working towards fixing them. Learn and avoid these 4 most common mistakes that franchisors commonly make


Surveys to gather more quantifiable data can also be conducted. Surveys can help you note if you are communicating effectively, and if the support infrastructure is adequate.

You can find out whether they are likely to renew the franchise agreement, and whether they would recommend the position of the product/service to others. Surveys can also help you understand the financial expectations of the franchisees.

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