I once attended a seminar where Lee Iacocca (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Iacocca) was speaking. He is considered an extremely successful businessman but had been made redundant several times in his life. And he suggested that, when you meet someone who has lost their job, shake them by the hand and suggest that this is the beginning of something special for them. They can choose what to do. He believed that if he hadn’t been made redundant he would not have had the opportunities he eventually had to build an amazing business.

I acknowledge that some of you may experience immediate hardship as a result of the Carillion closure, and hope that ‘the state will provide’ for those families who need it.

However it has also been on my mind to ‘reach out’ in some way. There is a fundamental pillar of franchising – you won’t get made redundant if you run your own franchise!

A good franchise will teach a franchisee how to run an efficient business. It’s not without risk – nothing worth doing is ever really risk free – but buying a franchise with a  good reputation, that suits the skills that the purchaser has, that offers excellent training and support, will be a far safer bet than jumping into another role, in my view!

There is a vast array of opportunities for people looking to change their career and move to run their own business. We’re one of a number of successful, profitable and interesting opportunities available in franchising. Many of us are off to exhibition next month and it would be a great place for you to come and find us and look at the offers.

If you’re worried about the budget, a solid franchise will be able to help access funding but there is also such a vast array of options to suit different depths of pocket!

There is a London show at Excel which we’ll be attending and you can access free tickets here:


And in Birmingham there is a bfa (British Franchise Association- https://www.thebfa.org/)  Accredited show and you can access free tickets here:


We’d love to meet you. We hope you’ll explore the options. Come and say hello – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And you’ll never face redundancy again…

With Best Wishes

Louise Harris

Franchise Director

Wilkins Chimney Sweep

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