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Estate Agency Franchises

The property market is huge in the UK and has been growing rapidly in the previous years, So today we will be sharing some statistics around the property market as a whole which may suggest it's now the time to invest in estate agency franchises for sale.

Statistics around the property industry

Now I will list some statistics below collected in the previous years all around the property industry some of these statistics may surprise you and hopefully these will restore your faith around the property industry if you have had any doubts before reading this.

Did you know?

  • In the last two decades housing prices have gone up by 196% in the UK on average.
  • There will be a growth of 5% in the next 5 years for the property market in the UK.
  • In 2019 there was just over 29 million homes in the UK which was a 4 million home increase from 2018.
  • The property industry in the UK contributes £101.2 billion to the UK economy each year.

What do these statistics show for the property industry in the UK?

These statistics show the property industry in the UK is on an upward spiral and is trending massively in the UK. So if you come to this article with any doubts or felt a bit nervous around the property industry hopefully these statistics of the growth in previous years have gave you more motivation.

What property related franchise would be best for you?

Overall this is a hard question to answer. Since this depends heavily on your background say you was a successful estate agent but now are looking to run your own business estate agency franchise opportunities could be good for you since that is your specific area of expertise. So mainly this is all down to your personal preference and what you think you would be most comfortable doing as your career path.

Conclusion around the property industry in the UK.

Hopefully this article has helped you find out a little more around the property industry in the UK. Also if you are still not fully convinced on buying an estate agency franchise or property franchises, I highly recommend you stay tuned on our blog. Because that is where we post free information to help any new franchisor or franchisee regularly. Also if a career in the property industry is not a path you would like to follow. I recommend you have a look through our franchise directory. Since Franchise UK is the UK's largest franchise directory in the UK providing many different opportunities across all sectors.