Estate Agency Franchise Group


Estate Agency Franchise Group

£50,000 Minimum Investment

Franchise Description :

Estate Agency Franchise Group franchise, including residential sales, lettings and property management and mortgage Services.

Finance:Variety of options available
Part Time:No
Contact Name:Franchise Director

Estate Agency Franchise Group
338 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes

Phone Number:01908 062 802 (GB)
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Estate Agency Franchise Group are seeking ambitious franchisees to join their ever expanding business model. To find out if your territory is available, enquire now.

About Estate Agency Franchise Group


Estate Agency Franchise Group is the coming together of established independent brands to build a network of estate agency franchises through experience and knowledge specific to the estate agency sector.

The brands are established proven franchise models and the partners have a clear plan to expand and develop their businesses by attracting the best talent by offering attractive opportunities to run their own estate agency by joining the group.

We have a number of routes to fund or assist the right candidates to provide a unique platform and realise your ambitions to own your own estate agency business with us.

Existing estate agency businesses which could benefit from joining our group to utilise the technology & resources also form part of our growth strategy.

If this is something you wish to explore then why not get in touch, in strict confidence of course. Enquire Now...

Multiple Revenue Streams

The Estate Agency Franchise Opportunity allows you to own your own residential sales and lettings business, whilst being part of a highly profitable and highly successful brand which is ever evolving and constantly moving forward.

With an Estate Agency franchise, you can manage your  branch to its full potential, get a return on your investment and pay off your franchise fees with revenue from the following sources:

  • Revenue from residential sales and lettings/property management
  • Revenue from internal referral business
  • Revenue from external referred business
  • Revenue from financial services
  • Revenue from our Home Conveyancing
  • Revenue from New Homes, Repossessions and Part Exchanges
  • Part of an established company with a good track record for achieving consistent results

Franchisee Testimonial

Don't just take our word for it, why not read what some of our existing franchisees have to say?

To a future franchisee…. I was in your position 12 years ago, Shall I set up my own business? Will it work? Can I do it? What area to pick? Will I lose money? I ran one of the top offices of a 23 office franchised company and was always told by others, you won’t make it etc etc but I knew I could and took the plunge. I have never looked back. Why franchising? Being in business alone is a bit like going to the gym or the pub. its not much fun on your own! When you are in a franchise you have the best of both worlds, the ability to get out what you put in with the benefit of a recognised instant brand on the high street and online which opens doors straight away.If I was called Tony Inskip estates no one would ever really heard of me and would probably never think to call me out to value their property, so if you have no stock you don’t really have a business. Why Urban and Rural? In 12 years i can honestly say Craig, Mark and I have never had a cross word and they leave you to run your business without interfering in the day to day aspects. But they are there for a chat and serious advice when those quiet moments come and honestly they do come but they pass much easier when there is someone to talk to and share those times. In the last 5 years and more importantly in the future Craig and Mark have been leading the way and embracing fast moving technology with new ideas and implemented no end tools for us to use which if I was on my own I would:

  1. Not have the time to attend numerous seminars and learning groups which they do on our behalf.
  2. Not be aware of these features and innovations as early as they bring them to us.
  3. Not be able to implement as they would be too expensive as a single office business.
With their skill you will be able to concentrate on establishing your business while they take care of and invest in the brand for your benefit. Most importantly on a personal note Craig and Mark are always full of enthusiasm and open to ideas, they have never said ‘’that won’t work’’ they always say lets try it!! What impresses me most it that they are totally discreet and everything they do and know about their franchisees is held in the strictest confidence and remains that way. Integrity is a rare quality and they both have it in abundance. Don't worry, you are not alone and I hope this helps you in your decision making.

Tony InskipOwner - Bedford Branch

Where Can I Find Out More?

If you would like to know more about the Estate Agency Franchise Group Opportunity, fill out the enquiry form below or call 01908 062802.

All conversations will be strictly private and confidential, and a non-disclosure agreement is available.

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