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Is an estate agency franchise right for you?

In the last few years, the UK property market has exploded. House prices have gone up year after year with an annual inflation of around 10.2%, making the UK property market now worth an estimate £1.5tn.

Though this might not be great news for buyers hoping to get their foot onto the property ladder, it’s great for estate agents. Branches across the country have seen a huge increase in sales, with the revenue generated making many estate agencies a healthy profit.

As the property business relies heavily on reputation, the best way for entrepreneurs to get into the industry is to invest in a franchise. If you want your slice of the property pie, here’s how to decide whether or not an estate agency franchise is right for you.

You have experience as an estate agent

Though some people may be able to walk into an estate agency franchise without any prior knowhow, in general most franchisors will only accept franchisees with first hand experience in the industry.

If you’ve previously worked as an estate agent and want to build on your career, investing in your own franchise could be the perfect way to do it.

You want to work under an established name

Though it is possible to start your own estate agency from scratch, especially if you have contacts and experience in the industry, there are huge advantages to be gained from working under an established name.

Selling, buying and renting property is big business and landlords, buyers and sellers want someone they can trust. Investing in a franchise with a good reputation will give you instant respectability and a solid foundation to build your business on.

You want to build a successful business

With the UK property market growing year on year, an estate agency franchise is the perfect choice for anyone looking to build a lucrative and successful career.

If you want the chance to develop a thriving and competitive company and create a profitable business, the property sector is the place to be.

You want a new challenge

Though the property industry is incredibly vibrant at the moment, you’ll still need to put time and energy into your franchise to make it a success.

As we saw in 2008, the property market is vulnerable to global economic conditions, so you’ll need to make sure you build a solid foundation, a good reputation and a thriving business if you want to ride out any future financial waves.

You’re a good communicator

A huge amount of the work you’ll do as an estate agent involves communication.

Whether it’s talking to buyers, sellers, tenants or landlords, you’ll need to be able to effectively and diplomatically resolve issues and ensure that everyone leaves happy.

Though it may involve a bit of hard work, investing in an estate agency franchise can bring significant rewards. If you think it might be the right career move for you, why not start looking for an opportunity of your own today?

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