Wheels Turning For Motorcycle Franchise as Motorcycle Travel Network franchise is now international.

Motorcycle Travel Network, MTN, the only Bed and Breakfast Network for the travelling motorcyclist, announces it has gone international with the addition of members in Canada and the UK!

Members are now in 42 states and four Canadian provinces. MTN is no longer just in North America, though, since they recently had their first member join from the UK. MTN grows daily and looks forward to its expansion into other countries.

MTN, a bed and breakfast network, is by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists. Members are not B &B proprietors. They are individuals who agree to host other network members in their homes helping them to travel inexpensively and enjoy the company of other motorcyclists at the same time. A small gratuity is paid by the traveller/guest to the host, $15 for a solo traveller, $20 for a couple. The host provides breakfast and sleeping accommodations, which may range from a separate apartment or guest room with a private bath to a pull out couch and a shared bath.

Each member provides an online listing stating the accommodations and amenities they provide, often accompanied with a photo. Such amenities might include covered parking, hot tub or laundry facilities. Only members can access the listings online of other MTN members through the use of a log on and password. Since this is a reciprocal organization, members must have the ability to host other members in their home. However, hosting is never mandatory. Members host only when they want and when it is most convenient for them.

According to Scott Reynolds, co-founder of MTN, there are hosting organizations for a wide range of special interests including, tandem bicyclists, Quakers, women, educators and even Mensa members. After having good experiences with other networks, Scott and his wife, co-founder Christi Reynolds, realized the need for a hosting organization devoted to motorcyclists. They know that only other motorcyclists understand the unique issues and demands of travelling by bike. Thus, they launched the Motorcycle Travel Network in 2005.

Both Scott and Christi have been riding motorcycles since they were teenagers. Their love of riding continued as they raised a family, often travelling by motorcycle with their daughters on many family vacations.

In 2004 Christi and Scott took off for a planned two-year trip around the US and found that hosting organizations were an inexpensive and interesting way to travel. They didn’t want to stay in hotels for two years, as they can be expensive and impersonal. Camping, which they enjoy, required quite a bit of gear. Staying with hosts that provide breakfast and knowledge of the area was much more fun and interesting.

“This is such a great way to travel,” say members Ron and Aliceann from Tennessee, “not only is it inexpensive, but also you meet such great people. Since the hosts are ‘locals’ they can tell you the great roads to ride in the area, as well as the places to eat and what not to miss.”

MTN member, Richard from Indiana said, ” Hosting a MTN couple was great fun. I had someone new to tell my stories to and we already had something in common – motorcycles.”

Motorcycle Travel Network is the only network exclusively for motorcyclists. Through MTN, riders of all brands can participate and enjoy the camaraderie of other
motorcyclists with similar needs and interests. Join today and become part of this exciting and unique community!

Motorcycle Travel Network is a privately owned company and hosting organization started by Scott and Christi Reynolds in July of 2005.

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