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Home improvement franchises

Home improvement franchises

Turn Repairs and Home Improvements Into Your Own Business The Easy Way

With property sales reported to have risen by 14% in 2014, it’s time for other industries that have long been dormant to start coming back to life—namely, the arena of home improvements and repairs, so it is no surprise that home improvement franchises are a growing business option. Although many people have been slow to start spending money fixing up their homes after the financial crisis, The Financial Times reported that despite this slow recovery, 79 per cent of UK homeowners planned to spend at least the same amount or more on home improvements in the next year. With spending starting to increase in this industry, it’s the perfect time for anyone with a knack at fixing things to start their own business.

Franchises Let You Break Into a £1 Billion Industry

For anyone, even those who don’t know how to replace a light bulb, sites like franchise-uk.co.uk can provide the opportunity to become involved in this industry by purchasing a home improvement franchise. All Trades Network, one of the top franchises in the UK, estimates that home repairs and improvements is a £1 billion industry, and they have a proven formula for providing unbeatable service to customers all across the UK. By becoming a franchisee of their company, you too can start delivering excellent property refurbishments and home improvements in your area.

How Does It Work?

Becoming a franchisee with All Trades Network means that you will become a project manager responsible for overseeing projects, “ranging from a simple water leak through to a major flood event.” One of the huge benefits to their business model is that they focus on servicing insured events, meaning that it’s damage sure to be paid for and work that people can’t avoid. At the same time, you can grow your own business providing refurbishments and renovations locally. All Trades gives you requests from a national client database, provides you support, marketing, and the professionals necessary to execute every job.

Why Choose a Franchise?

By cutting out a lot of the stressful and time-consuming tasks associated with starting a brand new business, franchisees become their own boss, but still carry the power of a successful national corporation with them. Project Managers receive support, clients, and priceless business advice, but the business remains theirs to grow and run on their own schedule. Opportunities like these also make it easier to secure initial financing, get technical support, and save money on expensive overhead items that kill so many new businesses.

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