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Reviews of the best home based franchises in the UK

Self-employment and home working is on the trend today. Because of the development of our technology a lot of people just stay in their home while earning. So, it is a not bit surprising if there is an increase of interest to home based franchisesBut what are the best home based franchises and best work from home franchises?

Other people believe that setting a franchise up is a costly business. Renting a territory and retailing premises seems to require a large amount of money and there is a perceived risk of putting off and taking out loans. But in fact, successful franchisees usually work in long hours where it start to operate early and end late. It looks to be very rewarding but there are sacrifices that involved. On the other hand, the owners and operators of home based franchises can feel enjoyment both for the overheads or those businesses that are conducted from home and those businesses that have low start-up cost. Overall, they can still get several benefits in running and operating their business with the help of a tried and tested model of business.

Home Based Franchises Trend

Operating a business at home is a result of low cost IT where it seems that it is not very much practical. In addition, people will come to realize later on that they can no longer depend on the large institutions or on the public sectors because there has been a demand in engaging with self-employment and home based franchises in the past few years. With the increase in numbers of people that become self-employed along with the advancement in the technology, it is not anymore a surprise that there is a rapid increase in home based franchises.

Work & Life balance with home based franchises

Franchisees are referred to as experienced professionals who wants to operate their business on their own. One of the most prominent reasons why they engage with home based franchises is because they want to have a balance work time and family time.

Take Freddie St. George as an example. He is the managing director of a website and magazine franchise that aimed at young children and with their parents. It already has 50 home based franchises all over UK and most of them are single mothers. St George said that the franchisees are not part time but it suits to those people who need to manage the school run in order to look after for their children.

Working from home with a home based franchises, the balance

Franchisors needs to select the people that they will have carefully. Both parties need to be aware that operating home based franchises will bring a considerable impact that involves the life of their family at home. Franchisees also need to take in consideration the part of the house that they will be using for their business. They also need to assess the franchisors whether if their plans are realistic and reliable.

Most franchises only require a room where they can use as an office. Franchises also need to be with their partners most of the time. Usually, most of the office types are legal in terms of dwelling with the required permission that needs to be granted by the authorities. In most cases, businesses require to have machinery that will produce high levels of waste. It would be wiser if they will consult the local councils and check on the agreements of their home insurance. Those people who are renting property should re-read the terms and conditions of their rental agreement in case of operating a business which is not allowed from the premises.

What are the premises requirements for home based franchises?

Franchisor and franchisees should make sure on using their home as their business place. They should take consideration of the following questions:

  • Does their franchisee need to have a high power tools or a heavy machinery?
  • Are there large levels of storage and stock required?
  • Does the business need to have a ready-made space for sales?
  • Does the business require to operate at a set hours or is there a flexibility of time?
  • Are there business aspects that can be offensive or unsuitable for the young children?

Home based franchises are specially designed so that the franchisees will be able to work at the comfort of their home. But, they need to have stock room that is suitable for the storage of greeting cards. Other people prefer to lease a small unit of property or a warehouse. All you need to have is a computer, a desk, a phone, an access to the internet and most importantly, the determination to succeed in your home based business.

Benefits of Running Franchise from Your Home

There are a lot of benefit that you can have in operating your own business even from your home. It includes the following:

  • No need to commute
  • There are low overheads
  • It is flexible to choose the most convenient time for you to work
  • There is more time for you to spend with your family and friends
  • There is more time for your to spend your hobbies and own interests.

The main benefit of having an investment to a home based business is to start a business from a scratch wherein you will be able to have an access to a business system. It is also important to have a guide in operating your business. You need to know how you will be able to analyze the reports and spreadsheets. You also need to know how to manage your optimized website since internet is a powerful online source where you can advertise the services and the products that you offer.

A business success can be achieved by being focused on maintaining and developing a network the national account of retail customers. So if you are someone who’s looking for a business that you can have an ample time to be with your friends, try running a home based franchises now and sees how it will work for you.

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