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Low Cost Franchises, what is available?

A wide variation of selected business opportunities are available today in UK referred to as low cost franchises. It offers additional security to businesses that just start launching their own brand provided with a proven model of their business.

Low cost franchises offer the same elements of stability with the help of a franchise. But at some point, it often require an initial financial investment which is lower from $100. There is also a license agreement that often provide a constraint rather than those businesses that was found with a franchise model. Most of business inventors who purchase license for their business do not use the model as a whole. It means that not all decisions should have the pre-approval of the main organization.

Overview about Franchising

Low cost franchises are often run and operated from home and in other categories such as distribution, cleaning, direct selling like different kind of insurance, caring for pets or for the elderly as well as child-related activities which require having a local hall for a certain hour every week. These kind of opportunities will avoid the call for no overheads or a little staff cost. It also provide another big advantage because it can be operated part-time and home based with a specific chosen hour in order to offer the franchisee an effective life or work balance.

Franchising offers a great opportunity to those individuals who are looking forward to operate and own a business. It also offer security against a lot of risks that are associated with an alternative start-up of business options.

Having an investment with a low cost franchise allow business owners as well as those franchisee to build and launch their business under a well-recognized brand that will allow them to gain credibility instantly. In connection to this, it also offer a plan for business strategy which is based on the proven and established model of their business.

The Benefits of having Low Cost Franchises

A lot of low cost franchises provide flexible home base and part time business opportunities. If a business owner is seeking for an alternative to a standard employment, operating a business on their home could be the best for them. People who are operating low cost franchises can have additional security in operating their established model of business that will give them a greater confidence in operating their business. These are the things that they have undertaken from the launching of the initial stage and it is through the potential and developmental expansion of phases.

As an owner of a low cost franchises business, it gives additional support for the business that they need to grow. It also means that the owners are not alone. They are supported by the Head Office Support of the existing business franchisees. Having a franchise business will provide additional care to give owners a greater source and also a high confidence to launch and to grow their business successfully. Shown below are some of the best low cost franchises that exist in UK:

Castle Pryor Franchise

Castle Pryor franchise is the leading diamond drilling and cutting company in UK which is established for than 23 years. People will be able to receive expert advice, training, continual support and an excellent opportunity of earning.


Dor-2-Dor provides an extensive support. They offers remarkable potential of income for a low outlay. It is one of the best franchisees in UK.


Ezy-Clean is a window franchise that will give potential franchisees an excellent income as well as a peace of mind for their future. Because of the fact that domestic window cleaning is considered to be as a major growth market in UK, it provides an excellent opportunity to have a profitable business.

The Flying Doctor Franchise

The Flying Doctor franchise is providing computer support for entrepreneurs, homes as well as to small businesses since the year 2004. Their main goal is to offer a personal support in solving problems in computer to their clients all over UK especially those business minded people.

Lobster Lettings

Lobster letting is a profitable private property lettings agency which is focus on lifestyle. They offer a fully supported start-up packages for franchise for those entrepreneurs with or without experience.

mmm! Coffee

mmm Coffee! is a mobile Espresso bar that provides a selection of coffees, hot chocolates, teas and fabulous and thick milk shakes as well as mouthwatering treats.


Ovenu is a fast growing global network in terms of oven valeting, oven cleaning and oven detailing.

Really Awesome Coffee

It is a low cost franchise in which franchisee can run their mobile coffee shop. It is a good way and a stress free to spend your day serving and preparing hot drinks and foods to costumers. With their help, franchisees can expand their business in the coffee industry all over UK.

Shutter Craft Franchise

Shutter Craft is another window franchise business. They are one of the in demand window specialist that have seen a great impact of popularity explosion over the past five years. They are one of the fastest growing company in terms of window market covering.

WPA Healthcare Practice

WPA Healthcare Practice aims to promote health insurance policies as well as support in their long term customers. They provide full training and business support.

Any projection that is provided by the franchisor will serve as the basis for the franchisees to build their own plan of business. So if you are engaging with low cost franchises, you should first evaluate the franchise that they are offering and make a wise decision on whether you will go ahead or not. How long it will take for you to get pay back with regards to your initial outlay and how much money you will be needing to borrow in order to get your business running.

Money is not the only factor in choosing the kind of franchise that an individual will have. The quality of life and the feeling of satisfaction as a boss as well as the support that the franchisor and the franchising network provide are also important things to consider.

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