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10 reasons why you should open a beauty franchise

Opening a beauty business is a very rewarding and exciting challenge. The beauty industry is one which continues to grow and expand, as new and innovative treatments are developed. Whether you’re looking to open a hair salon, nail bar or a skin treatment centre, franchising may be the right option for you. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of franchising and how it can allow you to run your beauty franchise business.

1. Brand recognition

One of the many reasons that people choose to invest in a franchise rather than open their own business from scratch is the brand recognition that they will receive. When starting a brand-new business, it may take months or even years for your brand to get out there and for people to trust you. With a franchise, your business name will come with loyal clients, saving you a lot of time and hard work.

2. Grow your business faster

Starting your own business is very time-consuming. You need to spend time researching, creating a business plan, finding suppliers and working out marketing strategies. When opening a beauty franchise, all of this groundwork is done for you. Therefore, you can focus on growing your business rather than setting it up.

3. Receive ongoing support

A key benefit of buying a franchise over starting your own is that you will be given ongoing support from the franchisor. They can give you expert guidance on any issues you may have, allowing you to easily navigate and get past any early hiccups. Some franchisors may also offer training. This is great if you already work in the beauty industry but are looking to expand your skillset and offer something new. Perhaps you have lots of experience in the beauty industry, but not a lot of business knowledge. This shouldn’t put you off when opening a franchise. The franchisor can train you in the essentials of business to ensure that you can run your franchise efficiently.

4. The possibility of working from home

Opening a beauty franchise means that you are not restricted to only working in a salon. By investing in a franchise, you may have the option to run your beauty business from home or travel remotely to clients. Do you have a spare room in your home that is gathering dust? Convert this space into a beauty room and enjoy performing treatments from the comfort of your own home. Working from home is a great option for any business owner who needs flexibility. You can schedule clients at times that suit you and have the ability to run errands or care for children when necessary.

5. Be your own boss

When working in a salon, you always have a boss to answer to. Sometimes it may feel as though no matter how hard you try they still find fault in your work. When you invest in a franchise, you become your own boss. You no longer have someone else telling you what to do; instead, you make the decisions.

6. Higher earning potential

When working in a beauty salon or hairdressers owned by someone else, you will either have a fixed salary or work on commission. Therefore, your income is decided by somebody else and you have little control over it. When you buy a beauty franchise, you can directly manage your own income and choose how much to pay yourself and how much to invest back into the business.

7. Flexible hours

Being your own boss has a range of benefits, including selecting your own working hours. If you hate mornings and would rather offer late evening appointments, this is entirely possible. Or, if you can’t commit to working weekends, you can adapt your work schedule to fit around this.

8. Easier to finance business growth

There may come a point where you need to take out a business loan to help your business grow further. An established franchise brand is often viewed as less risky by lenders and therefore you may be more likely to receive financing.

9. Network with others

It is likely that people across the country have also opened the same franchise as you. By getting in touch with others who also own the same beauty franchise, you can share advice and tips and create a support network. As other franchisees have been in the same place that you are now, they can answer any questions that you may have and act as a mentor.

10. Less likely to fail

Most new businesses end up failing within 5 years. However, by opening a franchise, this is far less likely to happen. Opening up a well-known brand, receiving advice from your franchisor and following a set business plan means that your franchise is likely to succeed.

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