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Maid Franchises

These days people are very busy with many things such as jobs and life so sometimes it can be hard for people to make time for cleaning and other household chores. Thats why the domestic cleaning industry in the UK is growing very fast seeing a rapid growth in profits and customer trend over the previous years. If you are interested in a maid franchise opportunity we highly recommend you read this short article to give you an idea around the domestic cleaning industry as a whole. We also hope this article makes it easier to make a decision for anyone interested in investing in a franchise in the UK.

The industry has seen a sky rocketing growth.

We will now list some statistics around the domestic cleaning industry. To give you an idea of the growth it has seen in the previous years across the whole of the UK. Hopefully this growth should show you upon investing on a opportunity like this the sky is truly the limit.

  • According to the British cleaning council the cleaning sector contributes a staggering £24 billion to the UK each year.
  • Since the recession in 2010 the UK has seen a 21% increase in turnover in the cleaning sector.
  • Despite contributing so much to the UK each year in the last decade the cleaning industry has also employed over 700,000 people. Which helps our economy thrive that much further.
  • The contract cleaning market is worth more than £3 billion According to a report by MTW Research.
  • In 2017 according to a report by insurer Ensure. The demand for house cleaners has grown by over 25% over the last 5 years in the UK alone.

What do these statistics show?

These statistics show the huge opportunity and customer base that you get access to upon purchasing a domestic cleaning franchise opportunity in the UK. These statistics also shows how much the whole cleaning sector helps us thrive more each year. Since it provides amazing employment opportunities that help people in the UK in need of a job. And the cleaning industry also contributes £24 billion to the UK economy as a whole. Hopefully these statistics have given you a little inspiration on deciding if a domestic cleaning franchise would be right for you.

Would a home cleaning franchise be right for you.

Now you have all the stats and are near the end of this short article now you have to make the decision whether a domestic cleaning franchise would be right for you. If you feel after reading this article a maid franchise / domestic cleaning franchise would not be right for you. Don't worry since at Franchise UK we offer a wide variety of different cleaning franchises so you do not have to worry if this industry within the cleaning sector is not your cup of tea.