Haus Maids Franchise Team

Home Cleaning Franchise Haus Maids is marking 10 years in business!

Haus Maids has crammed a lot into the past decade, revealing that it has carried out more than 100,000 cleans since 2012.

Richard Knight, Co-Founder of Haus Maids Franchise, said:

“We have been on a fantastic journey since 2012, I’m so proud to have helped thousands of customers to enjoy lovely clean homes and be able to have worked with a wonderful group of employees & franchisees throughout the last decade. I would like to thank all of our loyal customers, our amazing cleaning team members & our franchisees for supporting Haus Maids over the past 10 years.”

Looking to the next decade, Knight added:

“We will continue to improve our customer journey experience, develop our training techniques for our team members, finding the latest products and technology to enable them to deliver the best service for our customers. By 2032 we aim for Haus Maids to be nationwide using a network of independent business owners delivering exceptional results for our customers. My focus is on the quality of the franchisees we bring into our network, people who can help us build on our reputation for being the ‘market leader’ for home cleaning.”

Haus Maids are currently looking for franchisees in most parts of the UK, for more information you can request a free information pack through the Haus Maids franchise profile.