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Why invest in a children franchise?

Thanks to the many benefits offered by franchising, the business model has been used across a wide variety of sectors by businesses looking to expand quickly and efficiently. One area in which the franchise is currently having a big impact is children’s entertainment and education. A rapidly growing industry, children franchise are currently showing strong growth and more and more are popping up around the country.

When it comes to education and entertainment, children franchise come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From businesses that offer private tutoring to those that teach kids to sing, dance and play sports, these child-friendly companies are just as popular with parents as they are with kids. For entrepreneurs, a children franchise that offer services for kids can make a great investment with increasing numbers of parents willing and able to invest in quality activities for their child’s free time.

In fact, the sector is growing so fast that the private tutoring industry alone is now worth an estimated £6.5 billion per year. And with children franchise opportunities offering education and entertainment services for children continuing to become more popular with entrepreneurs, now could be the perfect time to invest in a franchise of your own.

Education franchises

When it comes to offering services for children, franchises that deal with education are always going to be popular. If they have the financial means, parents are always happy to spend money on their child’s education, especially if they think it will help to give them an edge when it comes to grades and exams.

In general, education franchises come in one of two forms: private tutoring and group activities. Private tutoring franchises send reliable, qualified tutors to pupils’ homes to coach them on a wide variety of subjects. Tutors need to be properly CRB checked and need to have extensive experience in the relevant area. The exact qualifications that tutors need will depend on the subject they’re teaching and the level they’re teaching it to.

Children’s education franchises that operate in groups are still usually focused on one particular academic area. For example, some groups will place an emphasis on maths while others will focus on literacy, science or languages. Unlike private tutor sessions, which often take place in pupils’ homes, group sessions are generally located in hired venues. The size of the group taking part will vary depending on the subject and the number of specialists teaching the activity.

As they don’t require premises to be specially hired for the purpose, private tutor franchises are often cheaper to set up and more affordable to run. However, as they teach just one or two children at a time, the financial returns will be limited.

Drama and music franchises

Drama and music franchises are also very popular with entrepreneurs looking for a business aimed at kids. From Saturday clubs for young kids and teens to weekday activities for babies and toddlers, drama and music groups are fantastic for building kids’ confidence and getting them to use their imaginations.

Music lessons and activities can take place both one-on-one and in groups. In general, drama clubs always need at least a few children to take part so they have enough participants for planned activities. Although specialist equipment may be needed to launch a music franchise, in general both these business types are relatively easy and affordable to get off the ground.

Sport and fitness franchises for children

Currently, just 23% of boys and 20% of girls get enough exercise every day. This lack of physical activity is a big problem in all parts of the UK and the government, schools and parents are trying to take steps to reverse this sedentary trend. With fewer kids playing out in the streets or local parks, organised sports groups are the obvious answer to this exercise issue. The more football, running, martial arts, basketball, cricket and netball clubs there are, the easier it will be for today’s young people to get out and get active.

For investors, opening a sports franchise in their local area can bring a wide range of benefits. As well as allowing them to build a profitable business, it can also add a real asset to the community, building a long-term customer base as it grows and establishes itself.

Childcare franchises 

Although sports and entertainment are of course important for kids’ development, in many cases parents simply need a trusted professional to look after their little ones when they’re at work or otherwise unavailable. These types of franchises can operate from a private home or from a specially hired or purchased premises. If they’re looking after small children, the franchisee may need to adapt the premises to ensure it’s safe for the relevant age group.

One of the benefits of opening a childcare franchise is that, unlike sports and entertainment franchises, childcare is an essential service. This means that many working parents will have to pay for childcare for at least some of the week until their child is old enough to look after themselves. As long as your franchise has a good reputation, this on-going demand means your business should have a guaranteed customer base, something that’s incredibly important if your venture is going to be a success.

Why choose a franchise?

There are lots of reasons why franchising works especially well when it comes to businesses aimed at children such as a children franchise, but one of the most important is reputation. Parents want to know that when they drop their child off at an activity, or when a teacher comes to their home, they’ll receive a high quality service. They also want to be sure that their kids will be looked after by qualified and experienced professionals.

When investing in a franchise aimed at children, make sure that the business has a good reputation around the country. In general parents do a lot of research before signing their child up for an after school activity, so if there are any blotches on the company’s record, they’re sure to be uncovered.

Often parents will look for a company name they’re already familiar with when choosing an activity or tutor for their child. The branding and marketing work already undertaken by the franchise you’re investing in will therefore help to attract customers to your business, giving you a readymade client base from the day you open your doors.

What qualifications are required to run a children franchise?

The qualifications needed to run a children’s franchise will vary depending on the type of franchise you’re investing in and the role you intend to play within the business. In general, anyone who works with kids will need to have a full CRB check. If you’re teaching sports, a coaching qualification may be required, while academic franchises may ask that franchisees have teaching experience or relevant qualifications in the area.

If you opt for a childcare franchise, you may need to undergo additional health and safety training before you can begin caring for children. Alternatively, if you choose to take a more managerial role, you can simply hire staff with the relevant skills and experience.

To find out more about the benefits of investing in a children franchise, or to learn about the various opportunities on offer at the moment, explore our site or get in touch with a member of our team.

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