Looking for a franchise to give you the freedom and financial rewards of being a successful business owner but with the security of a regular job?

Baby Art do just that! No prior experience needed! If you are dedicated to success, enthusiastic and determined, then Baby Art could be perfect for you!

The UK population is projected to continue growing, having photos and memories of your newborn baby isn’t a trend or a fad . . . it’s something people will always want.

Baby Arts business model enables it’s studios to succeed by offering unique and varied styles that are updated regularly to ensure we stay ahead of the baby photography game!

. . . but why have a Baby Art franchise?

We do the leg work for you! So you will succeed!

Our studios are happy and relaxed during a working week because the stressful stuff is done for you!

– Worried about generating enough business?
We do all of the marketing and lead generation for you! We will also guarantee you a minimum number of bookings per month AND do our best to filter our customer base to ensure we only give you the quality you deserve!

– Initial investment in a business unnerving?
We are confident in our model and our proven results, therefore we guarantee your return on investment!

– Photography industry not something your confident in?
We provide initial and ongoing training! Plus you will become part of our outstanding support network full of passionate like-minded people! It’s our job to aid you in your success!

Can I really make a good living with Baby Art?
Baby Art is a proven 6-Figure Business Model! Plus, it doesn’t stop there! The possibilities are endless! Open a second studio and double your profits! We’ll help you every step of the way whether you want 1 or 10 studios!

We don’t herd customers through like cattle!

Baby Art focuses on quality, not quantity! Better service, better experience, better setups, better images = better profits!

Rushed off your feet, running out of time and not getting a high enough pay out from the effort and stress that you put in…This is how most people feel on a daily basis when trying to run a business or working for a corporate company.

Not Baby Art Studios.

Baby Art would rather their studios look after 20 customers fantastically, ensuring they have a memorable and relaxing experience that they can treasure, as opposed to having 40 customers rushed through and buying a few cheaps snaps from you!

Our customers are happy, your staff are happy and your bank balance is happy! It’s a win win win!

Can I employ someone to run my studio for me?

Absolutely! If you’re looking to employ someone to run your studio then Baby Art will provide the necessary training for your launch to make sure your photographer is ready and equipped with the knowledge needed to run your studio successfully!

We also support them with regular training and weekly meetings to make sure they can make your studio a success!

Is this a big risk for me?

9 times out of 10 starting a new business on your own or a franchise comes with it’s risks. It’s a lifestyle change, a new adventure and it’s full of unknowns.

Baby Art have eliminated the vast majority of your risks! So you can start your new studio with confidence and security.

We guarantee your return on investment which eliminates the risk of losing all your hard earned money!

We ensure everything is Tried and Tested!

Through passion, hard work and determination, our current business model is proven to achieve astronomical results throughout the UK, sending our studios average sales figures through the roof!

Our studios take home 6 figure incomes because our business model work . . . outstandingly well!

Each new product we introduce is carefully evaluated and proven at HQ before it is rolled out with full training to our studios. This ensures that with each new addition our studios are guaranteed to go from strength to strength, pushing the concept of a ‘photographer’ further than ever before!

  • Gone are your days of trial and error!
  • Gone are your days of hoping and praying that the next concept works!
  • Gone are your days of wishing for hindsight!

We design, create, trial, perfect and prove all of our products, services and concepts before introducing them to our studios, ensuring your success . . . every time! We take the risks, so you don’t have to!

If you’re thinking of starting a new business and think that a Baby Art studio would suit you, fill in our form and Hannah will be in contact to give you some more details on how to get started with us!

To find out more about the Baby Art franchise, Click Here.