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Creams Ice Cream franchise background

If there’s one thing pretty much everyone likes, it’s ice cream. Although it’s hard to go wrong with basic ice creams and plain flavours, in recent years the UK’s sweet tooth has begun to get a little more sophisticated. No longer content with mint choc chip and Neapolitan, today’s consumers want something a little more exciting and a little more indulgent for their money. As a result, the premium ice cream industry is booming with £306.4 million spent on high end ice creams in 2015 alone. By contrast, just £75.4 million was spent on standard ice creams, showing just how much Brits value a well-made frozen treat.

As always, eagle-eyed entrepreneurs have spotted the opportunities that this upsurge in demand for luxury ice creams presents. One company currently making a name for itself in the high-end dessert industry is Creams. The brand has spread rapidly across the country and has now become a familiar sight on many UK high streets. Like many up and coming franchises, Creams is currently on the lookout for hard working and committed investors to join its team. If you’re thinking about putting your money into ice cream, keep reading to find out a little more about the brand, the industry and the future of frozen desserts.

The UK ice cream industry

Although many of us think of ice cream as a tasty treat or occasional dessert, Brits actually spend a surprising amount on the frozen delight every year. According to The Ice Cream Alliance, the industry contributed £1bn to the UK economy in 2016. In 2017, toasty temperatures drove sales even higher with revenues up by an impressive 5% at some points in the year.

As well as spending more on ice creams, Brits are changing the way they eat this popular snack. Once upon a time many people would have purchased choc ices, cones and sandwiches from the ice cream vans that toured local neighbourhoods. Today, however, customers are more likely to buy multipacks of ice cream from the supermarket or go out to an ice cream parlour and enjoy the treat as a family.

One of the benefits of buying an ice cream from a parlour instead of a van or a supermarket is that it gives consumers the opportunity to sit down and really enjoy their chosen flavour. What’s more, as many parlours serve teas, coffees and other snacks, customers can spend a little more time in these establishments and use them as a base to meet friends and socialise. Generally very family friendly, ice cream parlours are a great place to take kids (and grown ups) for a well-earned treat.

The Creams franchise

One business that’s currently making waves in the world of ice cream is Creams. First launched in 2008, the brand offers a carefully selected menu with many items inspired by authentic Italian gelato. When the first branch opened a decade ago, demand for the company’s ice creams, waffles and crepes was instant and the founders of the brand soon realised there was a huge amount of potential for expansion. Through meticulous planning and extensive product research, Creams has put together an irresistibly indulgent menu featuring sundaes, milkshakes and puddings as well as healthier items like smoothies, juices and teas.

Over the past decade, Creams has worked hard to expand across the UK and has chosen franchising as the means by which to achieve its goals. Franchising suits Creams as the company wants to ensure that standards are kept high across all its locations and that it’s the brand of choice for consumers looking for ice cream related products.

Currently, Creams has numerous eateries across London, the south east and the east of England. There are also a number of Creams franchises in the Midlands, the North West, the north east and Scotland. The impressive level of growth that the company has achieved in just a few years shows that the demand for its products is high. It’s also a testament to the brand’s efficiency and its ability to attract new franchisees.

How much does a Creams franchise cost?

Unlike some other franchises out there, Creams offers prospective investors a very detailed breakdown of the costs involved in running a franchise from the outset. In order to buy a franchise license, investors will need to pay the brand around £14,950. Creams estimates it will cost around £90,000 to fit out a store and £98,500 to purchase the equipment necessary to prepare their products. External signage will set franchisees back around £10,000 while getting a business plan together will cost approximately £1,500. Other costs that may be involved when launching a Creams franchise include legal fees, architect fees and planning fees. Altogether, this means that franchisees are looking at a typical investment of around £220,000.

What investors get when they buy a Creams Franchise

If you decide to put your money into a Creams franchise, you’ll get quite a lot in return for your investment. Before you open your location you’ll receive assistance with selecting your site, designing your ice cream parlour and planning your business. You’ll also be fully trained both before you open your doors and once your business is up and running. All Creams franchisees receive a full array of operating manuals and support in setting up the all-important supply chain.

With Creams, as with many franchises, some of the most important help you’ll get when launching your venture is with marketing. A good marketing campaign can make all the difference to brand awareness and could be the deciding factor in your location becoming a success. The brand will use its national network of eateries and customers to promote your new location, ensuring that as many people as possible know about your ice cream parlour.

Once you’ve opened your franchise, the help and support that you receive from the franchisor will continue. Refresher training will be available for both you and your staff and you’ll continue to receive operating advice as your customer base begins to grow. Creams will help you to develop your menu and work with you to ensure it remains up to date, appetising and exciting. They’ll also continue to provide marketing support and advice as you find your feet in the world of business. In order to ensure that standards remain high, Creams undertake regular field visits and auditing trips to sites across the country.

On average, 16 new jobs are created every time a new Creams location opens. Around 40% of these jobs are part time and 60% are full time, giving you the opportunity to make a real difference in your community. The operating hours of the business are approximately 11am to midnight.

With the Creams brand currently going strong across the UK and interest from overseas markets making international expansion an imminent possibility, now could be a great time to put your money in ice cream. To find out more about the many ice cream franchises opportunities available, or to learn about the many benefits of franchising, explore our site or contact a member of our team.

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