Why franchisors should collect feedback from franchisees

If you’re a franchisor, you know that developing and maintaining strong relationships with your franchisees is essential for successful growth. But how do you ensure that your franchisees are happy and engaged in your business? One way is to collect feedback from them. By taking the time to listen to and act on the feedback of your franchisees, you can build trust and loyalty, increase engagement, and ultimately drive the success of your franchise. This guide will explain why you should collect feedback from franchisees and how you can implement it to improve your franchise business.


What is franchise feedback?

Franchise feedback is information franchisees provide regarding their experience operating within your franchise system. This feedback can include opinions on everything from business operations to training materials and marketing efforts. It can be collected in various ways, such as through surveys, meetings, or regular check-ins. Gathering this feedback allows franchise owners to understand how the franchise system is performing, identify areas that require improvement, and uncover growth opportunities. By actively listening to feedback, you can work together to create a more collaborative and successful franchise network that can benefit both franchisees and the overall franchise organization.


The importance of collecting feedback from franchisees

As a franchisor, you rely on the success of your franchisees to grow your business. Therefore, it’s essential to understand their challenges and needs. This is where franchise feedback comes in. By collecting feedback from your franchisees, you can gain insight into their experiences and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, franchisee feedback can help you make informed decisions and better support your franchise network. Not only does it strengthen your relationship with franchisees, but it also promotes a culture of collaboration and transparency. Collecting franchise feedback can lead to a stronger, more successful franchise system.


How franchise feedback can improve your business

Collecting feedback from franchisees can have a significant impact on improving your business. By understanding their experiences and perspectives, you can identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions. With franchise feedback, you can locate any operational inefficiencies or bottlenecks, helping you to make the necessary adjustments to improve performance. It can also help establish a culture of openness and collaboration, fostering a stronger relationship between you and your franchisees. Not only can this increase their loyalty to your brand, but it can also help to attract new franchisees. Ultimately, franchisee feedback can help to strengthen your business and drive long-term success.


Ways to collect feedback from franchisees

When it comes to collecting feedback from franchisees, there are several different methods that you can use. The following are some of the most effective ways to collect feedback:


  • Surveys

Surveys are a common way to gather franchisee feedback. You can create a survey using tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms and send it out to all of your franchisees. Be sure to ask specific questions to help you better understand their experience.


  • In-person meetings

Another effective way to collect feedback is by meeting with franchisees in person. This can be done during annual meetings, training sessions, or regional gatherings. By talking directly with franchisees, you can better understand their concerns and ideas.


  • One-on-one calls

You can also schedule one-on-one calls with franchisees to gather feedback. This allows for a more personal conversation and can lead to more in-depth feedback.


  • Feedback boxes

Placing feedback boxes at franchise locations is another way to gather feedback. These can be physical boxes where franchisees can leave written feedback or digital boxes where they can submit feedback online.


  • Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also be used to collect feedback from franchisees. You can create private groups or send direct messages to franchisees to gather feedback.


No matter which method you choose, it’s essential to make the feedback collection process as easy as possible for franchisees. Be sure to clearly communicate the purpose of the feedback and provide a deadline for when responses are due.


Best practices for acting on franchisee feedback

Collecting feedback from franchisees is just one piece of the puzzle. The next step is taking action on that feedback. Here are some best practices for effectively acting on franchisee feedback:


  • Create a feedback action plan

This should include a timeline for when changes will be made, who will be responsible for implementing them, and how success will be measured.


  • Prioritize the most pressing issues

While addressing all feedback is important, it’s best to start with the most pressing issues that will significantly impact the franchise system.


  • Involve franchisees in the decision-making process

Franchisees are more likely to buy into changes if they feel like their input is valued and they are part of the process, which allows you, as a franchisor, to develop a closer franchisor-franchisee relationship.


  • Communicate changes and progress

Keep franchisees informed about the changes that are being made and the progress being made. This can be done through regular updates, newsletters, or webinars.


  • Follow up on progress

Check in with franchisees after changes have been implemented to ensure that the feedback has been addressed and that the changes have had the desired impact.


By implementing these best practices, franchise owners can create a culture of continuous improvement and ensure that the feedback they receive is put to good use.



Collecting feedback from franchisees is crucial for any franchise business. It allows you to identify potential issues and improve your business operations. Franchisee feedback can also help you understand the challenges and successes of individual franchise locations, allowing you to provide targeted support and resources. There are various ways to collect feedback from franchisees, such as surveys and regular check-ins. When acting on feedback, it’s crucial to establish clear communication and follow up with concrete actions. Incorporating franchisee feedback into your overall strategy can lead to a more prosperous and cohesive franchise system, benefiting both the franchisor and franchisees.