Everything you need to know about bubble tea franchises

Part of the world’s ever-growing love affair with tea, bubble tea is an Asian drink that first became popular in the 1980s. Today, there are bubble tea franchises around the world selling this exotic beverage, and some people are choosing to invest into bubble tea franchises as well. If you’re thinking about buying a bubble tea franchise, here’s everything you need to know before diving in.

Why start a bubble tea franchise?

Whether you’re thinking about getting into a bubble tea franchise or you’re just curious about how they work, here are a few reasons why buying a bubble tea franchise could be right for you. Buying a franchise means that most of your business operations are already handled by someone else—just as if you were buying an established restaurant. That includes marketing and advertising, product development, and so on. So, instead of spending all your time trying to figure out what products customers want and where to get them (and then finding store locations), you can focus your energy on working with customers and making sure things run smoothly in-store. If you want to find out more reasons why bubble tea franchises are so popular among aspiring business owners, perhaps read our article about the 5 reasons why you should consider buying a bubble tea franchise.

What is the market demand for bubble tea?

The market for bubble tea is enormous. In fact, according to FortuneBusinessInsights, in 2019, the global bubble tea market was worth USD 2.02 Billion and is projected to reach a whopping USD 3.39 Billion by the end of 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period. This shows the demand for bubble tea is huge and why bubble tea franchises are a trendy business opportunity for anyone looking to get a slice of the pie in this market.

What to look out for before buying a bubble tea franchise

Many factors can influence your decision about whether or not bubble tea franchises are suitable for you. The first step in learning about buying a bubble tea franchise is figuring out if a franchise is actually what you want. Here are a few questions that can help make sure you’re ready to invest in your own business: Do I have enough money saved up? Do I know how much franchises cost? Do I have enough working capital to buy inventory and fund advertising campaigns, among other things?

How much do bubble tea franchise fees cost?

The cost of a bubble tea franchise depends on several factors, including your location and how many stores you want to open. On average, a franchise owner should expect to pay between £15,000 and £150,000 in startup costs. You should also keep in mind that all franchises charge an initial fee for becoming part of their system; for an established company, such as Ding Tea, you can expect to pay a $22,000 minimum investment fee to join their brand. Of course, all franchise fees vary, though, depending on which bubble tea franchise you choose.

Conclusion around bubble tea franchises and where to find them.

If you’re considering purchasing a bubble tea franchise, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of them out there. Of course, doing your research and knowing exactly what to look for is critical. That way, if and when you do buy a bubble tea franchise, it will have everything you need in order to make a profit. If you feel ready to start your journey in franchising today, feel free to view our list of exciting bubble tea franchises for sale in the UK using our franchise directory.

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