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The only way your franchise can thrive is if you properly advertise it, and it is a challenging task ahead of you. There are so many franchises vying for attention, but there are a few methods you could and should be making use of to make sure your franchise has the highest reach possible.

Always be looking for franchisees

Your company may be the brainchild behind the brand, but the franchisees are the ones who will be carrying it out to the general public. When you’re engaging with them, you need to include details such as the products you have on hand, the franchise fees, what financial returns the franchisee can expect and further guidance on how to advertise your franchise. There several online sources you can use to start building that connection.

Deploy content over various platforms

In times gone by, printed materials would have made for suitable advertising. Today, there is a wider range of mediums through which you can market your business, a prominent one being social media and online franchise directories such as Franchise UK, which with carefully deployed content can widen your audience range. You may even find prospective franchisees through Facebook and Twitter. You will need to boost your online presence and this can be done with a series of chosen keywords directly linked to your content.

Look to your fellow competitors for guidance

You will have competitors already trying to dominate the market, but they will have a certain use of tools that will propel their chances. It could be a strategy or a location or a high-profile client. Look to franchises within your sector and what techniques they are using to push themselves forward. Research success stories, but do not copy them. Many companies and franchises thrive through employing a blue ocean strategy, which explores untapped areas in the business market. Use tried and tested methodologies to deliver something new.

One area you can latch onto is the franchise events, such as franchise exhibitions. This will have a three-way benefit of raising awareness of your brand, sighting the competition as well as meeting any potential franchisees.

Always include a CTA

The first time anyone sees an advertisement for your business should be the start of a professional relationship. To encourage ongoing communication, always include a call to action (CTA) at the end of your advertisements. Maybe you want them to get in contact with you, go somewhere for more information or sample one of your projects. Whatever it is, you want to create a client who will propel your business forward.

Advertise online

Almost all franchise advertising is now done online. Email marketing is a key component that should end with a swift call to action and social media opens your franchise up to a fresh demographic. But if you want to attain the widest possible reach and grow your franchise on an unprecedented scale, take a look around the Franchise UK website to find out how we can help you become a titan of industry.

Advertising your franchise is a difficult skill to master. But it is primarily about knowing what channels you can use to push it out there and where to find the right people. Once you can pull those tricks off, you will be able to carve a place for yourself in your designated sector.

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