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How franchises can start to prepare now for the Christmas rush

Though it may seem like a long way off yet, businesses around the country should start preparing for the inevitable rush that Christmas brings each year. This is going to especially be the case following the COVID-19 pandemic, as people up and down the country will want to find as much happiness as possible following a first half of the year filled with sadness, disruption, and anger.

However, COVID-19 isn’t gone, and experts are concerned about the second wave of cases emerging as the colder months approach and the common flu strikes too. This, coupled with the usual business of Christmas, means franchises need to start preparing early in order to be adequately prepared – they need to start preparing now.

So how can top franchises start to prepare now for the hecticness Christmas promises to bring? Here at Franchise UK, we’ve compiled a list of advice to ensure franchisees and franchise owners alike are prepared for the busy months ahead.

Plan advertising

Many franchises and businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic lockdown, and have suffered a catastrophic loss of profits in more cases than not. Because of this, it’s critical you advertise your wares and services well to make up for lost time and money.

Make sure customers loyal and new alike know what discounts and products you’re putting out on offer by preparing ample advertising resources – the more the better. This could be promotional emails and flyers, scheduling social media posts, or even planning and shooting viral campaigns to air on TV or online.

Decide on promotions and discounts

Deciding on what promotions and discounts you want to run throughout the Christmas period will take a lot of consideration and planning this year more than ever. As well as businesses and franchises being hit hard by money tightness, so have customers – many of which will still be strapped for cash by the time Christmas shopping rolls around.

This is why you should start deciding what promotions and discounts you want to run during the winter before winter arrives. By doing so, you can adjust your projected profits accordingly and make sure you aren’t shocked if you suddenly see profits drop. Of course, on the flip side to this, running a great promotional offer could in fact see profits rise as more and more people become interested. This is why the first point of ample advertising is key!

Seasonal products

Especially true if you run a clothing or food and drink franchise, you need to seriously start designing some seasonal products to draw customers in. This could be a tasty beverage created with the finest seasonal ingredients or a line of thick woolly jumpers to help combat the classic UK chill. Whatever it is, this shouldn’t be something simply slapped together at the last second – it could be the big make or break that guarantees your franchise’s Q4 success!

To prepare, draw inspiration from the predicted Christmas trends in your industry for this year. You want to ensure that your products or services will be popular, yet stand out enough to not feel like one sheep in a herd of identical ones.

Retrain franchisees and employees

The COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc on every aspect of owning or working in a franchise. This includes its effect on your franchisees and/or employees. Potentially being out of work for months, you should ideally plan to retrain your employees and franchisees so they’re equipped to deal not only with the new COVID regulations, but also with the overwhelming nature of the retail side of Christmas.

You should also be prepared to hire new employees as well as retaining some past ones. Some employees might have since left the franchise due to personal reasons thanks to the pandemic, or one or two might have unfortunately passed away. As such, make sure your recruitment process is as ready as your training process – you don’t want to be caught out in either area.

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