The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Pet Care Franchise

Four successful ways to promote pet franchises to improve customer base

In today’s competitive world, it can be hard for you to come up with ways to promote your franchised pet business. However, there are some great options available if you’re prepared to consider some innovative strategies.

Why do you need to look at your promotional options?

In today’s crowded market, there’s a lot of noise for customers. This can lead to problems with your brand not being seen. Simply being listed within the local paper isn’t going to work. About 40 regional papers close every year and in 2020, the average number of people who read local papers fell by 20%.

Yet advertising costs on these papers have not decreased. More modern promotional options are cheaper and can reach a larger audience. In addition, you can be more specific with your audience with modern promotional options. You can target those who’ve visited your website or share the same interests as your business (i.e. dogs, cats, etc.).

There are numerous ways that you can promote your pet franchise business to boost customers in your franchise territory. Here are some of the options below. If you’re looking to buy a pet franchise then take a look around the Franchise UK website, who can also help in advertising your pet franchise for sale. 

1. Blogging

Blogging is a very popular option when it comes to promoting any business, especially those in the pet industry. You can start blogging by using questions that customers ask you and then turn them into 600-1000 word answers. These questions are probably being asked a lot on Google and other search engines, so they make the perfect option to be found online.

Businesses that blog can be found easier online through searches, as search bots index websites faster, they build more links into the website (raising search ranking) and more. For the best blogging results, you need to regularly publish new posts.

You should also share all your content through emails and social media channels. Another advantage of blogging is that it is bringing customers to your website, where they can book appointments with your UK pet franchise or buy your products.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the top ways to promote and sell your pet franchise products online. Research has shown that it is the top way to generate sales and has one of the best ROIs for digital marketing channels. Email marketing is perfect because you can segment your audience into those who’ve bought your products before, those who haven’t, customers who have special interests and more.

You should always be asking customers if you mind adding them to your mailing list. But be sure that you’re following all data privacy laws including GDPR and more. To make email marketing effective, you need to be sending out an email every week. You should also be cleaning your mailing list every three to six months, removing those contacts who haven’t opened a message from you for the entire previous period. 

3. Local events

One of the great things about running a franchise uk in the pet sector is that you can operate the business within your local community. This gives you a great way to build a strong presence in your area by using local events as marketing opportunities. You can have trade stalls or another presence at these events and showcase what you do. These are great opportunities for meeting interested people, giving them a sample of what you do and then collecting email addresses and leads that you can follow up on later on.

Local events can also be very cost-effective and because it is the local community, you’re speaking to those who are within your territory and therefore the perfect customers.

4. Speaking

In your area, there are going to be opportunities to become a speaker at local events. This could be trade shows or it could be at groups that are interested in pets. So, you can use these as a way to make sure that you’re coming across as an expert within your field.

Be sure that you practise your talk and your speaking skills. If you can come across as someone who is talented with specific animals, then you can build up a series of leads.

Conclusion: promoting pet franchises

With so many potential offerings on the market, from small and large pet suppliers across the UK, marketing pet franchises has become more challenging. However, it isn’t impossible and there are several options that can help you sell directly to your key audience and build a strong list of potential leads.

And with the right mix of tactics, alongside the standard marketing options of leaflets, social media and word of mouth, there’s no reason why you can’t have one of the top performing pet franchises in the UK.

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