Join dog owners across the UK in the ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ on Friday 21st June 2019

Bring your dog to work dayThere’s one day in the year when it’s official – you can bring your dog to work! Founded and organised by Hownd it encourages dog owners to become involved and bring their career-seeking canines to enjoy one day of stealing the limelight. Time spent in each other’s company is all part of bonding a relationship.

Benefits of taking part

As well as raising funds for charity, Bring Your Dog to Work Day can be really beneficial for employee productivity and wellbeing.

About the charities

  • All Dogs Matter rescues and rehomes more than 400 dogs every year in London and the surrounding area. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted and abandoned dogs.
  • Animals Asia is an international charity devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming, as well as improving the welfare of dogs and cats in China and Vietnam.

Friday 21st of June is the official day but if you’re an OSCAR Pet Food Nutritional Advisor you could bring your dog to work every day. By promoting responsible pet ownership, OSCAR offers a Complete Pet Care Service that delivers, direct to the door, a range of foods to suit many lifestyles – complete with qualified free advice on nutrition and behaviour.

A career opportunity with OSCAR Franchise will open a whole new way of life. Working from home and delivering a quality product to a very satisfied customer gives you a great future that is supported and secure.

Franchisee Brian Hulme from Stockport says…“Being out delivering with Maisie means that neither of us are on our own all day and my customers love to see her! She’s the best business partner I could have as she doesn’t disagree with any of my ideas.”

You too can work with pets! Visit the OSCAR Pet Foods franchise profile to find out more, or give us a ring on 01772 367238.