Clearway Pools and Spas – The FIRST Pool and Hot Tub sales, servicing and repairs franchise in the UK. 


Clearway Pools and Spas have entered into the world of franchising with a splash! Being the UK’s first Pool and Hot Tub sales, servicing, maintenance and repairs franchise, the new business model set forward by Clearway Pools allows prospective business owners to enter into the luxurious industry without having to conquer all of the tough learning curves, strict safety regulations, impossibly small product profit margins (given by other suppliers when a pool company first enters the industry), and huge risks that need to be taken when entering the market. 

Providing a complete 3-week flexible and comprehensive training programme, Clearway Pools will teach you EXACTLY how to become a first-class pool and hot tub engineer, as well as dive into the business management, financial planning, and day-to-day running of 

your franchised business. With highly effective and proven business models and marketing strategies, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur or big in business to succeed, just follow their guided process, work hard and be dedicated, and you can live the life of luxury at home AND at work! 

What got you into the world of Franchising? 

We have always been very growth-orientated, with our primary strategic aims focusing on growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. Being the Director of Strategy for Clearway Pools Ltd, it was my job to focus on scaling the business and so I set our business growth model to put up stores one-by-one across the south, while employing and training shop staff and sales staff to work in the stores, alongside engineers to go out and perform the jobs, looking after our clients and giving excellent customer service on any job we could undertake. After I set up our third store, in New Milton, we made a hefty profit immediately in the first year, and realised that the strategy we had for marketing and day-to-day running was close to perfected. That’s when, while we were doing a bit of night time reading on the wet leisure industry, we noticed that the biggest Pool and Spa company in Australia and the US didn’t set up stores the way we did, but franchised out to people wanting to run their own businesses, or to people wanting to make good money while living a fairly lavish life. After looking into franchising in the UK, I noticed that we ticked all the boxes on what is required to franchise out a business, and so I registered our brand, logos and services for Trademarks, spoke with franchise consultants to seek advice, and solicitors to get all the correct documents. Although it took a while to get everything sorted and set up, I then started to advertise with Franchise UK, who have been an excellent aid to us in terms of getting off the ground with our franchising journey! 

Why are you the First in the UK? 

Like I mentioned earlier, it was only when we came across the companies in Australia and the US did we then realise the potential of franchising. I suppose, with those countries being so large and vast, franchising is realistically the only option for a business that wants to grow at speed, or wants to cover a large portion of the country, whereas in the UK franchising doesn’t really seem to be as well-known as a strategy for growth – perhaps due to its small size – but I think as people start to realise the capability of the industry, it is a no brainer.

I think another reason is that we are quite unique in the pool and hot tub market. A lot of companies seem to have one focus on which they specialise, such as pool servicing or hot tub servicing, or sales, one-piece pools, in ground pools, wooden pools, or just one type of hot tub. However, we do it all (apart from the construction side of concrete pools, which we contract out to proper building companies), from servicing hot tubs and pools; maintaining them; water testing; sales of pool and hot tubs; installations of wooden pools, one-piece pools, hot tubs, saunas; anything a customer wants that’s relevant to pools or hot tubs, we will try to find a way to do it, and this makes the job entertaining and exciting as no 2 days are the same. 


Why should someone choose to franchise with Clearway Pools? 

Clearway Pools has been established for 20 years, meaning we have the experience in the industry that can help you get 20 years ahead from day 1! This also means that, since we have worked with our manufacturers and suppliers for so long and built such strong relationships with them, our bulk discounts on products allows us to supply products to our franchisees at a cheaper rate than if they were to start their own business and go off on their own in the industry. 

Our brand, logos and services are registered under Trademark, and we have a full, knowledgeable and friendly team, who are always happy to help whenever you get stuck, or just need a bit of advice. 

Our highly effective and proven business models and marketing strategies mean that you don’t need to be a businessman/businesswoman, just follow our proven process, work hard and be determined to succeed! 

Our comprehensive and flexible training programme takes place before you set off and it covers everything to do with engineering, business running and finances for your franchised business, so you’ll be confident in your abilities and in our support before you set off. 

Clearway Pools is a family business, and the family ethics stand strong in the values of the company, meaning we look out for each other and help each other out whenever we can. Once you join, you become part of the Clearway Pools family. 

How do I enquire about becoming a Franchisee? 

If you, or someone you know, could be interested in becoming a Clearway Pools Franchisee, or would simply like some more information, please send your details through the Franchise UK website (our link is here: Then, we will send you a copy of our prospectus with some further details about the opportunity, and aim to have a quick phone call with you at a time that suits. There’s no pressure to start anything right away, but it never hurts to have a chat and get some information.