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Franchise Description :

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Finance:Yes through a third party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Tony Mundella

Tutti Frutti UK Ltd.
Fitzwilliam House,
3-4 Upper Pembroke Street,
Suite 34,
Dublin 2,

Phone Number:01622 322 014


The Company:

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt was founded upon the ideas of providing high-quality, healthy frozen yogurt, and giving control back to our customers through a modern self-serve concept. We combined these two ideas in Southern California when we began our great adventure in 2008, and have since become the largest self-serve frozen yogurt brand in the world! There are over 1,000 independently owned and operated Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt stores  throughout the world in more than 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia the Middle East and the Far East, now this unique concept has been brought to the UK..


The Product:

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt has developed over 100 flavours and recipes for both naturally “tart” and traditional “creamy” flavours. With plenty of flavours and fresh toppings, the possibilities are both endless and yummy.

The unique concept of Tutti Frutti is the end to end self-service system, the customer chooses the size of cup, the flavour (or flavours) of yogurt, normally between eight and twelve and changed daily, and the toppings (choice of up to 50 including fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate, candy etc.). At that point the self-service continues with the automatic calculation of cost so that the customer pays directly by card or cash into a counting machine that dispenses the exact change. All this technology means that you, as the owner, and your team can be out front talking to and inspiring the customers to try new flavours, mixtures or toppings or just discussing the weather!


The Outlet:

The key to a successful food retail outlet is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! We at Tutti Frutti want you to have the very best chance of success so will only allow our franchisees to open up in locations where they will be very successful. These need to be high footfall retail areas and we have retained one of the UK’s leading retail property consultants to find and negotiate for such sites.
Having found and agreed a suitable site for your new venture we will provide all design and construction advice and work alongside you with approved contractors to ensure that the build is completed to the design and on time.



We are convinced that a low cost site is a false economy, the set up and shop fit costs will be the same, the staffing and operational costs will be the same, only the rent will be higher and that will be far outweighed by increased sales if the location is right. You will have the benefit of our experience of opening stores around the world to identify such locations.


The Training:

All aspects of owning and operating a Tutti Frutti store are covered during the training.
Our dedicated team will work with you on how to market your business, how to recruit and manage your team, how to run the store on a day to day basis, how to administer and manage the whole operation. All practical training in the preparation of the yogurts is currently carried out at the worldwide headquarters in California.

After the store is opened the training really begins! We will be there with you, understanding what is working well and where you or your team may need assistance. We will visit regularly, keep you updated of new products, new flavours, new marketing ideas and new management initiatives.


The Franchise Opportunity:

Tutti Frutti franchisees come from very different backgrounds. What they have in common is the determination to provide an outstanding level of customer service and a passion for quality products. Whatever your objective is – to become owner/operator of a single unit or a multi-site franchisee – it is always the human qualities and personal attributes that take precedence in the selection of franchisees for Tutti Frutti.

We are, therefore, seeking dedicated, entrepreneurial people who can invest well in excess of £100,000 in establishing a very successful Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt business in their area.
The initial franchise fee of £20,000 provides the use of the brand, the system and the knowhow. It will also cover our costs in locating and negotiating for the right premises in the right location, store or kiosk design and all assistance required to establish and launch your business.

In order to start your journey towards opening and running your first store (yes, we encourage multiple site owners) we will arrange an informal meeting either at our store in Bluewater or in your territory…


If you would like to find out more about this exciting franchise opportunity, please call 01622 322 014 or simply fill out the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.


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