Mould Busters

£14,980 Minimum Investment

Franchise Description :

Mould Busters cleaning franchise

Finance:Yes through a third party
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Mould Busters

A branch of the industry leading Building Forensics company, Mould Busters specialise in diagnosing and eradicating mould issues in a variety of buildings. Mould Busters offer a truly essential service, as most of the cleaning companies operating within the U.K market are still ill equipped to properly deal or recognise the hazards posed by mould infestations. Mould Busters use a patented and advanced atomised wetting agent that utilises scientific principles to fully eradicate all harmful chemicals and problem materials, something which conventional cleaning processes fail to do. This means that Mould Busters are one of the few companies who can generate truly effective, and safe, results.

As a franchisee you will firstly be benefitting from operating with an industry leading company. In addition to the brand benefits this offers you will also be backed by an innovative and strongly resourced research and development team, one that is committed to ensuring all the processes and products you use are as safe and efficient as they can be. You will also be operating with a proven business model, one that anticipates market needs and has strong underpinnings, as seen from the Mould Buster’s brand emphasis on scientific principles and technological innovation. In addition to this you will be give all the support and resources you need in areas such as administration and marketing.

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