International Property Brokers


International Property Brokers

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International Property Brokers Franchise

Finance:Not Available
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:International Property Brokers

United Kingdom

Phone Number:0203 3227461
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"How I made £47,536 from a few property deals in 52 weeks in my spare time…"

My name is David France and I specialise in doing international property deals on creative terms.

In the past twelve months, I have completed a variety of property deals in Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Dubai, Canada, USA and the UK and many more places – all without leaving my home in the UK in most cases.




In essence, I help MOTIVATED property sellers – by offering them practical, valuable, alternate solutions. And in my free report, I will show you how to find hundreds of these sellers...

The good news is that I receive £3,000 to £5,000 for successfully completing each transaction – which mainly involves a few emails, texts and phone calls from the comfort of my own home.

We use the following proven strategies to broker deals for a fee:

  • Rent to rent
  • Lease options
  • Tenant buyers
  • Below market value
  • Overseas installment purchase

Don’t worry if these sound complex. We will discuss these strategies and show you how simple they are.


In my report, I will show you how to complete at least one of these per month, on a spare-time basis, to make an excellent income for yourself – whilst enjoying a fabulous lifestyle.

This FREE online training will show you:

  • 3 low-cost and no-cost methods of attracting DOZENS of INCOMING leads and enquiries from motivated sellers
  • How to operate this business REMOTELY - based at homehttp___c1590022-cdn-cloudfiles-rackspacecloud-com_c4d306fd42b7c7f2926004c74381585b
  • How to ensure that you get paid every time
  • How to quickly arrange highly profitable joint ventures and alliances
  • Get paid to travel - most of your travel costs can be tax-deductible
  • How to launch and position your business for MAXIMUM rewards - and income
  • How to get started with ZERO technical or internet skills
  • How to apply the 4-Hour Workweek mindset to your business
  • Setting up your business to operate from almost anywhere in the world
  • How to use lease options, instalment contracts and negotiate discounts with property sellers UK and overseas!
  • What we show you will leave the average estate agent standing
  • Why NOW is the perfect time to get involved and how YOU can make a killing in this sector!
  • And much more...

Just imagine your PERFECT business for a moment...

  • You have no boss to answer to
  • You have no stock, no employees, and no headaches
  • You can live in any country or location you choose
  • You can do this in your spare time, based at home

The support we provide:

  • We give you the full training and plan to follow from the outset so you can start earning right away.
  • Help setting up your brand and business from the foundations
  • Bespoke plan designed to get you to your end goal
  • You have a manual and training videos as well as full paperwork to secure deals at your fingertips.

Who we are looking for?

Anyone who has a desire to change their life and make serious money following a proven system in a niche sector of the property market helping people along the way.

  • You MUST be ethical and want to help people with property problem
  • Drive and determination
  • Willingness to learn and follow a system
  • Commitment and accountability


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