Ding Ding Franchise

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Franchise Description :

Ding Ding bike franchise

Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Franchise Recruitment Manager

Launched in 2017 in Dublin, Ding Ding is an eco-friendly pop up unit which sells coffee to busy people on the go. The company was design to serve coffee to locals and tourists within towns without them having to queue. The units are so mobile and flexible that they can be located in train stations, fairs, local markets, concerts, parks and other popular spots.

Ding Ding serves coffee that is fresh and ground on site, produced by state-of-the-art coffee machines and served by experienced baristas for a true artisan coffee experience. The unique units are transported by distinctive-looking eco-friendly bikes with a vintage look and wooden finish. The bikes are designed to be powered purely by humans and together with the unit, produce minimal noise and carbon footprint to keep the impact on the environment to an absolute minimum and the cups are eco friendly too.

There are plans for expansion on the horizon in terms of the product offering. Among the items to be heading for Ding Ding units across the country are ice cream, pizza, burgers and healthy salads.

Franchisees are offered a variety of bikes which are all fully insured and certified and can be ridden indoors or outdoors.


Fitness Franchises

According to research published by Statista the UK market size of the wellness & fitness segment has been growing steadily & is estimated to reach £22bn by 2020. When broken down by category, the greatest increases are to be made in alternative medicine, sports equipment &  weight loss, which made up the majority of the market in past years, along with gym memberships. The growth of the market is also reflected in the number of sports and fitness occupations held in the UK, which also show a steady increase in years past. The majority of employees in the sport activities sector are between 25 and 54 years old, with slightly more men than women working in the sector.

This has also given rise to more fitness and well being franchises including franchises of gyms, workout classes, children fitness classed, weight loss group & classes. With the UK government stating that unless we change our habits that more people will become obese the need and it would seem demand for more of this type of franchise is sure to increase and become an even more potentially lucrative market.

Developing a “fit” and healthy business takes time, hard work and dedication. Also as with any business purchase or franchise get professional help & advice and know what your commitment is before you invest.

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