Employees and Salarie

Payrolls Direct enables anyone to become their own boss, be independent,  work flexible hours, work from home and enjoy a repeat income.
Payrolls Direct attracts new franchises owners from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets with no sales or payroll experience, as franchisees are taught how to present the business platform and sign up clients. Clients would pay the  franchisee monthly  whilst Payrolls Direct manages the client’s payroll. Clients would  pay the full amount by direct debit every month to the franchisee. Payrolls Direct do all their payroll work and send an invoice for 25% to the franchisee, after  they have been paid by DD – they keep  75%!
Businesses can save a lot of money by outsourcing their payroll to us. Our cloud based platform is cutting edge and definitely superior to anything businesses are currently using.

Huge Market for Payroll Services

With Payrolls Direct,  every business that employs people is a potential client!
There are an estimated 5.5 million businesses in the UK (source: Federation of Small Businesses, 2016). Small & medium size firms accounted for 99% per cent of all businesses in the UK. Many of them are either employing a payroll clerk or still paying their accountant an absolute fortune to manage their payroll.
Not  a huge amount of  customers are required  to make a lot of money. Assuming  the average customer  pays £99 per month, once acquiring 100 customers, the monthly income would be £9900 per month. With 200 customers, the monthly income would double!

Why do many businesses choose to outsource their payroll?

Well, firstly, doing it saves them the time, money and hassle of keeping on top of one of the most complex and daunting tasks for any business.

And secondly, it will also ensure their staff are paid accurately, on time, every time and free them up to concentrate on more value-adding tasks.

Our web based platform is very powerful and simple to operate. Not only can the employer manage their payroll, they can also manage their staff better. With employer & employee logins, businesses can keep tabs on payslips, holidays, unpaid leave, expense claims and a lot more besides. They can also assign shifts & tasks to their employees electronically!

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