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dating-franchises1When it comes to making people open their wallets the power of love and emotional impulse is a driving force to be reckoned with. It is no secret each of us begins a journey early on to find our other half, and for most it seems we will stop at nothing to ensure we find true love which makes for a great opportunity for dating franchises UK.

Therefore it is little surprise that over the years a booming industry for dating and finding love has sprung up, and like most businesses it can be franchised. One of the most attractive features of a dating franchise is the investment required to start one up. Investment for the dating franchises UK, and there are a few national dating franchises, starts at a few hundred pounds.

But before you run the math and say you are ready to buy a dating franchise you first need to consider your suitability to run such a business.

What does it take to run dating franchises in the UK?

Running dating franchises requires an entrepreneur who is good at doing a variety of tasks and dealing with unpredictable situations. It also typically requires the entrepreneur be in a stable long-term relationship, serial divorcee’s need not apply. Some of the keys to running a successful dating business are:

  • Building a Strong Brand – Word of mouth is a powerful motivator in business, and in a business as emotionally driven as dating and love, a solid reputation of making good lasting matches is required to make it a long term success.
  • Learning to be Flexible – Love is patient, love is kind… No. Love is picky and needy. While two candidates may appear to be perfect for one another on paper, the match might be dead on arrival if one of the two parties is not open to the relationship. It can also lead to hurt feelings, and playing referee on a date gone wrong.
  • Creativity – Sometimes the dating franchises will just know better than the client who the perfect match for them is. The trouble is, they might not be open. This requires creativity and finesse on the part of the business owner to either get one party out of their head, or the other party to dye their hair! It may also take some creativity if you are doing upmarket services like pre prepared blind dates.
  • Ability to Read People – Dating franchises live and die by the ability of their staff and ownership to read the different potential matches that walk through the door. This skill is particularly critical for sorting out if people are telling the truth on their applications and questionnaires to be put into your pool of eligible singles.
  • Have a Killer Website – All successful dating franchises and business owners need to hire a website designer to put together a great website. This site should be able to take applications from potential candidates, and advertise the services of the business. It should also include recommendations from happy couples that found love using the service.

Pitfalls of Dating Franchises UK

dating-franchises2Unlike other businesses a dating franchises can go sour quickly if a lot of the relationships start failing and word gets out. This makes it particularly important to do due diligence on the candidates coming in the door looking for dates. If they have a history of adulterous relationships, are looking for their seventh partner, or are otherwise socially damaged it may be best to show them the door.

If your own relationship should go sideways while you are running a dating franchise business, this irony could cost you. After all people buy into dating services because they are looking for love, and in most cases a life partner. So the liability factor must be considered, though moving it into a short-term relationship focused niche could salvage the business.

Focus Is the Key to a Dating Franchises Success

A niche is key to success in most businesses, but especially dating. The reason for this should be obvious. There is intense competition from free or inexpensive online dating platforms. For mainstream society such platforms will easily out market your business for potential clients. This means it is critical to success in owning a dating franchise that the business focus on a niche. Examples of this would be LGBT dating, swingers, and wealthy individuals looking for a younger partner. There are literally thousands more, and a quick web search of dating trends would give a pile of different niches to focus on. Choose one that best suits your own interests; your clients need to see themselves in you!

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