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Mexican Food Franchises

If you have any queries around buying a mexican food franchise or any food franchise in the UK do not worry since this small article should hopefully answer any questions you may have around mexican food franchises and also the food industry in the UK.

Statistics around the Mexican food industry in the UK.

Now I will list some statistics collected in the UK around the mexican food industry from previous years.

Did you know?

  • The number of Mexican food restaurants in the UK from 2015 has grew by 71% in the previous years.
  • There are now over 7,000 Mexican restaurants across the UK.
  • The Mexican food industy made just over £2 billion in 2014.

What do these statistics show for the Mexican food industry in the UK?

The statistics show overall the Mexican food industry is a promising industry within the food sector and is showing a rapid growth of revenue and a growth of a bigger customer base across the UK. Also if you are still not convinced around purchasing a Mexican food franchise opportunity we will now list some statistics around the whole food sector in the UK.

Statistics around the whole food sector in the UK.

Obviously the food sector has always been massive in the UK, But of course if you are thinking of buying a business related to the industry you need your decision to be backed up by numbers and accurate data so now I will list some statistics around the food sector in the UK which may surprise you.

Did you know?

  • In 2017 consumer expenditure in the UK of cafes and restaurants reached close to £88 billion British pounds.
  • The number of restaurants in the UK alone in 2018 reached up to 88.8 thousand.
  • In 2018 the restaurant revenue increased to £39.9 billion in the UK.

What do these statistics show?

Overall all these statistics have shown is the the food industry in the UK is constantly showing a rapid growth yearly and is constantly growing so now certainly would be a wise time to invest in a Mexican food franchises in the UK, or any franchise in the food sector.