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Why buy a bakery franchise?

The UK are quite well known for cakes and freshly baked products, The bakery industry is very large to the UK's overall food industry but do not just take our words for it, Because we will be listing some stats around the UK bakery industry which may surprise you.

Statistics around the bakery industry in the UK.

Now I will list a few important statistics which need to be looked at if you are having second thoughts of buying a bakery franchise.

Did you know?

  • The UK bakery market in 2014 was worth £3.9 Billion and is a large sector in the UK food industry as a whole.
  • Did you know 11 million loaves of bread are sold in the UK every day.
  • The total revenue of the bakery industry in the UK in 2020 is worth £8 billion.
  • There are currently 70,000 people employed in the bakery industry in the UK.
  • There are currently over 3,000 bakeries in the UK.

What these numbers show for the bakery industry?

These numbers show that the bakery industry has a huge customer base, Also these stats also show that they employment is good for the bakery industry which is not just good for bakery businesses in the UK it is also good for the UK economy providing employment opportunities.

What types of bakery franchises are there in the UK?

If when you think of a bakery franchise you think of a room filled with cakes, Unfortunately you are mistaken, Since there are many different kinds of bakery franchise opportunities for sale in the UK, Varying from the basic bakery setups to mobile food and mobile bakeries. So it all depends in which one would be best for you.

Is franchising good for the UK?

The final question you may have around franchising is that is it good for the UK economy, A short answer for that is flat out yes, But I will quickly list a few stats and facts on why it is good for the UK.

Did you know?

  • Franchising provides 700,000 jobs a year in the UK.
  • Franchising is constantly raising money for multiple charities in the UK.
  • Franchising contributes an amazing £17 billion to the UK economy each year, Which helps the UK thrive just that bit more as a country to maintain our high standards of business.

Hopefully this has helped.

Hopefully after reading this short article around the bakery franchise industry, You will leave this article with more answers and expanded your knowledge around franchising. And most importantly the bakery industry in the UK. If a bakery franchise is not for you I suggest having a good look through our food franchise opportunities, Since we provide every franchise opportunity you could think of around the food industry in the UK.