IT – the secret to a winning franchise

There are several factors which can determine the success of your franchise. Although considerations such as commitment, hard work, a sound business plan and a well thought out marketing strategy are frequently mentioned as key drivers of success, advanced tech is often overlooked. This oversight is unfortunate: the reality is that the right tech can absolutely transform the way you operate, making your business more profitable to run as well as offering customers a superior experience. Try these four hot tech tips to optimise your success.

Increase customer engagement with an app

A piece of software that’s specifically developed for the small screen, an app is a fantastic option to give your customers. It should have the functionality needed for customers to optimise their experience. Features should include the ability to order and pay for your goods or services remotely, find out where you are, individualise the customer experience and allow interaction. If you want to make life easier and more convenient for your customers, an app is the way to go for franchises successful with the public.

Revisit your payment methods

With more and more businesses offering cashless payment systems (including contactless payment), can you afford to miss out? Even if you operate a traditional franchise with a local reach and heavy footfall, the future lies with cashless payment. Particularly if you’re launching an app or considering online ordering, cashless payment options are essential.

Boost your reputation with social media

Customer reviews, comments and interaction are the lifeblood of any successful franchises. Your social media platforms are your opportunity to make it happen when it comes to communication. With customers increasingly relying on online sources to shape their purchasing choices, your social media plays a vital role in potentially generating profit.

Tech lets you get things done faster

From automatic ordering through to 24/7 communication with suppliers, fast updates and more, tech has the power to speed up many business processes. What this means for your franchise is the opportunity to get more done in less time. This, in turn, contributes to reduced overheads and greater efficiency.

Take a look at some of the franchises where tech is revolutionising operation and profit margins.

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