Is It Worth Investing In A Van Based Franchise

Van based franchises are quite literally franchisees standing outside their vans and providing or offering some services for e.g. oven cleaning or plumbing. All you need is a driving license and premises to work in, which is mostly one’s own house. Contrary to the popular belief of van men coming off as angry and aggressive men, the whole view and impression regarding van drivers are actually changing as there is an increase in van-based franchise businesses. 

Thinking about van-based franchises, the only things one can think of is probably some delivery business or a courier service business, but it’s not just that, there’s much more to a van based franchise.

The Types Of Van Based Franchises:

  1. Sole operators: This is when people operating the business are usually home-based franchises and they provide their services to a certain locality. The franchisee is not really restricted to an area, although obviously providing services around your own home would be less time consuming and would count as a low cost franchise.
  2. Territory management: Here, the franchisees are not providing the services on their own, they have a whole management team. The staff uses their vans and goes around and provides the service.

With the help of a management franchise you can easily build a larger business or expand the current one because, generally, there are larger territories for territory management business compared to the ones that are operated individually.  

Why Should You Start A Van-Based Franchise?

Firstly, it requires no high initial investment, it can be started by sitting at home and using your previously owned van, or even if you have to buy a new one, it’s going to be the only investment you require. Therefore, one does not need to go around looking for an office space which further adds to the cost. This is one of the reasons why investing in van-based franchising may prove to be worth it and of course a low cost franchise.

There are many advantages of a franchise running from a van such as constantly marketing your business, with your email and phone number written on the van. You can simply drive around across the UK creating more awareness for your brand. As you are going around providing your services in different areas, your van is simply advertising on the go which can save you extra marketing costs yet keep your business on the go, thus, considering to invest in a van-based franchise may actually prove to be a great idea.

This may start as a one-man home based business which can initially really save costs because you may not require extra staff as you have limited work. However, once the business proves to be successful and your customer base starts to increase by reaching out to many different locations, you can always easily expand by buying more vehicles and expanding your territory even more.

Another major reason why investing in a van based franchise will prove to be a wise decision is because of the mobile nature of this business i.e. you can start working from wherever you are, covering as many areas and locations as you want, which means that you would not have any geographical restrictions and you can go around and make more profits.

One of the greatest plus points of such a business is that currently, due to a massive increase in online shopping, and every 9 out of 10 people buying online, it shows the huge customer base a van-based franchise can have. By giving out ads online, you can create more awareness in the minds of consumers and as people have started looking at online shopping in a more trustworthy manner, it proves to be a plus point as to why one should invest in the van-based business because the demand has greatly increased.

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