How do cleaning franchises work?

Recently cleaning franchises have seen an enormous rise in popularity among aspiring entrepreneurs suggesting now might be the time to invest in one of these exciting cleaning franchise opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about cleaning franchises and how they work, keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know about cleaning franchises before taking the plunge and investing in one of them.

How a cleaning franchise works

When you buy a cleaning franchise, you will receive training & support from your franchisor. You are also provided with a proven business model and a trusted brand name to trade under. Sometimes, you can even be given your own website or app to use to promote your cleaning services in your local area, depending on which cleaning franchise you choose to purchase. The main reason cleaning franchises have become so popular is because you get many valuable resources provided after you pay the initial franchise fee and monthly fees to continue trading under that company’s brand name. If you would like to learn more about the fees you will need to pay as a new franchisee, consider reading our guide about the different kinds of costs that come with a franchise.

What types of cleaning franchises are available?

There are many different types of cleaning franchises available, but we will list below the most popular and common types of cleaning franchise opportunities available to start in the UK:

Commercial cleaning franchises – These types of franchises are contracted to carry out cleaning services in many different company premises and often require more tools and equipment from day one to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process to get through projects as soon as possible.

Contract cleaning franchises – This type of cleaning franchise would have a scheduled cleaning session with their client each week or month, depending on their contract with the cleaning company.

Residential cleaning franchises – Residential cleaning franchises, also known as domestic or household cleaning franchises, would clean their customer’s homes. These types of franchises usually come with a lower franchise fee as they require less equipment and resources.

These are the most common and popular cleaning franchises available in the UK, but if you want to browse more cleaning franchises in different fields, we recommend you browse our cleaning franchise directory, helping you find your ideal cleaning franchise.

How much do cleaning franchises cost?

Now you know what a cleaning franchise is, how it works, and the most popular cleaning franchises. You may be wondering how much a cleaning franchise costs. The average cost for a cleaning franchise varies from £10,000 to £35,000, depending on which franchise you choose. Other expenses come with franchises, such as franchise royalty fees. Even though the most significant fee you will usually pay for a franchise will be the initial fee, you need to make sure you do not spend all your money on the initial fee with no room for your monthly fee; otherwise, if you continue to trade under that brand’s name and do not pay the monthly royalty fee your franchise agreement will be terminated.

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