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Fitness is a huge part of the UK economy. In 2019, the amount spent within the fitness sector increased by 4.2% to reach £5.1 billion, and this is only expected to grow as the country becomes more active and looks for new ways to stay fit and healthy. As a result, there are numerous fitness franchises UK-based you can start.

Why should you look into one of the fitness franchise opportunities UK companies are offering?

A fitness franchise opportunity is one of the best ways to earn money if you enjoy fitness yourself. There are numerous fitness franchises available – everything from gym franchise opportunities UK-wide to yoga franchises – so you can buy into a franchise that is specifically tailored to your fitness preferences.

If you’re looking at buying into one of the many UK gym franchises, then you could see a big reward. More of the UK’s population is signing up to gym memberships than ever before, with one in seven people now having a membership – and that number grew in 2019 by 4.7%!

However, there are varying levels of investment for a gym franchise UK entrepreneurs need to know about. Some gym franchises are great for those who already have the equipment and a facility but are looking for a rebrand and some support in running the business. They offer a low-cost option for buying a UK franchise but also high rewards.

Other gym franchises ask for a higher investment but include more training and help in establishing your brand.

While many think that home gym franchises are going to be a big trend, research has shown this is not the case. Home workout equipment is usually a seasonal fad, often around January when people make a New Year’s resolution. However, the demand for home gym equipment quickly disappears.

In fact, gyms are a much better option for investment because they aren’t just about exercise. Studies have shown that gym membership is just as much about being part of a community as it is about getting fit – you could even use that as a marketing tool!

Not just UK gym franchises on offer

There are lots of other fitness franchises UK-wide that you can invest in. For example, you can buy into a football league franchise that allows you to run five- or six-a-side leagues in your local area.

Running a group of leagues is an excellent choice for those that love football. Each team is worth approximately £500 a year in profit. And with just a few leagues of 20 teams, you could soon be earning a full-time wage. You can even buy into an existing league, so you can start earning money from day one.

Or you could invest in family fitness franchises in the UK that allow families to have fun together while exercising.

There are so many choices and lots of potential earnings that this is an exciting time for those wanting a fitness franchise. And as with gyms, research has shown that community spirit, as well as keeping fit, is a major attraction to participating in fitness groups.

Technology makes it easier to run fitness franchises UK-wide

Technology is also playing a massive part in the popularity of fitness within the UK, with YouTube, Tik Tok and other online apps allowing you to reach millions, not just in the UK but around the world. The beauty of some of these technologies is that you don’t have to earn money from your subscribers – it’s all about advertising.

When you consider that some fitness gurus on YouTube are earning over £300,000 a month from advertising on their channel, the potential for growth is astonishing. Plus YouTube videos are a great way for you to promote your brand and drive new customers to your franchise.

You can also develop apps that can be given to members of your franchise to help them keep track of certain events, milestones and goals. For instance, if you buy into a weight loss franchise, you can develop an app that tracks a person’s calorie intake. You could charge extra for the app or have it as part of your scheme.

Wearable technology, like watches and other items, is making fitness more accessible for many too. These can be sold to your customers for an additional revenue stream.

And finally, some gyms are also introducing virtual reality. This has helped attract more people under 40 into gyms in the USA.

Your fitness franchise career in your hands

Your fitness career can be a success – all you need is the right franchise to buy into and the motivation to make it work. There are lots of people out there looking for a variety of ways to stay healthy, from new mums to those enjoying their golden years.

So, don’t delay in investing in one of the top fitness franchises UK brands are offering right now.

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