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The Perks of Buying a Franchise and Being Your Own Boss

Why buy a franchise? A popular choice for entrepreneurs looking for a career change or for a business to add to their portfolio, franchises offer a lot of benefits over starting a business from scratch or working for someone else.

You should take the time to research a franchise opportunity and even speak to those that have walked the path before you where possible. Here’s why you should buy a franchise

Established name

One of the biggest benefits of buying a franchise over starting a business from scratch is having an established name to work with.

Whether you’re working in catering, retail, hospitality or any other sector, having a name that people trust and recognise from day one can make a huge difference to your chances of success.

If you’re starting a business from nothing, you’ll have to spend years building your brand and earning the publics’ trust. You’ll also be on the back foot when competing with more established businesses and will have to work harder to get your name out there.


From branding and advertising to product placement and working practices, the support that franchisees receive from their parent company is invaluable.

Especially important during the early stages of your new business, this advice, help and support will give you the tools and the knowhow you need to make your business a success.

Financial freedom

If you’ve spent your life working for someone else, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be to work hard everyday and not see it reflected in your pay packet at the end of the month.

However, if you choose to buy a franchise, you should see your hard work rewarded with increased profits. If you business is a success, this boost to your personal finances will make life easier and give you the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.


Though you’ll receive help and support along the way, opening up a new franchise still requires a commitement.

If you’ve been used to clocking in at nine and clocking out at five, this increased

workload may come as a bit of a shock. However, if you stick with it, put the hours in and hire trustworthy, capable staff, you should see your business begin to become increasingly self sufficient.


There is a level of responsibility that comes with owning a franchise. From the responsibility you bear to the brand to responsibility to your employees and your customers. Learning how to cope with this responsibility and thrive under the pressure is an important part of becoming a successful franchisee.

With almost unlimited potential for growth, buying a franchise is the perfect choice for ambitious entrepreneurs that want to see just how far they can go.

Once your initial business is a success, you can buy another franchise and another, building your business empire and making your new career a real success.

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